Korean Ferry Accident

  1. Car ferry boat is KNOWN to be dangerous. Ferries are generally for shortest possible connections. Yet, they have LONG distance trip like though it was cruise ship with full capacity load. This is equivalent of long trip on back of pickup truck.

  2. Koreans modified with additional rooms making it even more top heavy

  3. There could been some rudder control problems from 2 weeks ago

  4. I doubt there’s safety instructions for passengers(like they have in airplane)

  5. I doubt there’s proper maintenance of escape raft

  6. Inexperienced 3rd officer on helm

  7. Fast current pushed ship east,3rd officer panicked and turned

  8. This is equivalent of turning fast on downhill and ship tilted, perhaps ruddle problem made it worse.

  9. Due to cold water captain hesitated to order evacuations

  10. By 30min past, perhaps electrical system was not working and speaker dead.

  11. Japan asked if they need help, of course korea rejected

  12. Korean rescue was unable to in current/minor weather

  13. Korea probably did not have equipment to raise ship but did not want to ask japan

  14. Few days pass and no hope for rescue


One thought on “Korean Ferry Accident

  1. borja carlos May 8, 2014 / 11:13 pm

    you have a good webpage
    history is not written by winners or losers. history is written by the one who gives reasons and evidence. and propaganda is written by the one who mades up things without evidence and invents false accusations about the enemy.
    Japan was not defeated in the war. Japan won the east asia war. Japan defeated european colonialism and achieved racial equality in the world. What europeans wanted was to split japan in four parts in the operation downfall but they had to surrender that plan because they saw they couldn’t. Instead they broke in two parts north korea and south korea. Japan achieved its goal of giving independence to asian countries.

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