There are REGULATION/TAX/Millage which are related to CO2. It sound mostly like a BRIBE case to me since mileage and CO2 outputs are inversely proportional and relatively easily calculated. Of course there can be hardware involve that bypasses exhaust and regulators did not consider that lol.
I don’t understand why epa etc does not test pollution and mpg at same time.
VW/Audi/Porsche are responsible for damages to environment, buyer, and competition since fraud caused lost of customers for others. Other car makers probably have some skeleton in closet too so probably not going to sue VW until some car maker throw first stone and whole industry will jump on bandwagon. Pollution causes millions of death so VW’s extra pollution will cause 1000 or so death.
It is too expensive and unrealistic to meet future regulations, easiest is stop using diesel in the cities especially in small cars. Even now, some estimate 40% reduction in MPG.
VW caused damages to prius sales and suzuki partnership due to fraud device too. Toyota complained to EU 10 years ago but ignored. Suzuki partnered with VW mainly for diesel engine, but VW’s fraud made partnership useless.
This means VW must return all financial gain from partnership PLUS punitive damage if suzuki sues. Actually greedy thug VW sued suzuki for not using VW technology so there will be counter suit.
Suzuki have 4 passenger gas car that is 87mpg for $8000 in Japan. For environment, USA should allow 80mpg and above mileage car with less safety standard since they are much safer than a motorcycle. Things like painted yellow/orange and additional education etc.
google “real7777 co2”
People need to get their priority straight. 23,000 years ago was glacial maximum and around 15,000 sea level rose 400 feet. Meanwhile there are over 10,000 times humans at 7 billion now and expected to GROW. Each human uses more natural resources as standard of living get tiny bit better and MORE humans. Instead of wasting energy, money, and effort on silly things such as carbon capture, world need better birth control. Of course top 0.1% globalists and religions don’t like less people that contribute money to them though.
Human intervention with things like spraying mists, solar farm, wind farm, etc. might affect weather pattern.


One thought on “Diesel

  1. real7777 January 27, 2016 / 2:38 am

    Since the dieselgate scandal broke in September, Volkswagen executives and representatives have appeared publicly shocked and genuinely dismayed with the revelation that the then-largest global automaker had cheated emissions regulations with over 11 million diesel-powered models worldwide. Turns out, however, it might have been an open secret all along.

    See also: This 1957 Ferrari could fetch $34 million at auction — and it’s worth every penny

    According to Reuters, Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported that — according to documents from VW’s internal investigation — that software designed to cheat emissions tests was openly discussed in the halls of VW since 2006.

    Unsurprisingly, the story plays out just how many of us had long speculated. VW execs set unrealistic goals for the future power, emissions and efficiency of affordable diesel products. Rather than simply tell them they were wrong, the engine teams decided to fake it and cheat.

    “Within the company there was a culture of ‘we can do everything,’ so to say something cannot be done, was not acceptable,” Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported. “Instead of coming clean to the management board that it cannot be done, it was decided to commit fraud.”

    Beginning in 2006, VW received engine management systems from automotive parts supplier Bosch and then manipulated the operations. Most engine team members reportedly felt comfortable with the decision, since they believed regulators would not be able to detect their fraud — specious reasoning at best.

    Publicly, VW has said it didn’t collectively learn of the cheating until late in 2015. Before that, the deception was kept to a small group of people — as few as 20, it has been reported.

    Mashable has reached out to Volkswagen for comment on this story but have not yet received a response.

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