Knee anthem protest

1d6ee-india-famine-family-crop-420Tramp is sociopath that don’t feel the pain of others. He cutoff hot water to get rent controlled tenants out. He is using North Korea and Knee to distract Russian investigation as well as getting narcissistic attention he want.
FREEDOM of SPEECH and right to peacefully protest is part of making America great. Sports player on knee during anthem are PROTESTING injustice. There were few instances of unarmed blacks getting kill by police unjustifiably but police were found not guilty. Police are hero that risk their lives to do dangerous job so accidents are bound to happen. Blacks still suffer some discrimination, injustice, etc. Unfortunately, lots of them grow up in ghetto and other bad neighborhood and commit more crimes on average. It is remnant of slavery and segregation so white are not blameless.
Whites trivializes genocide, atrocity, torture, rape, 80% population reduction, 100 million death. Nazi and Stalin soviet.
Even after WW2 whites tried to recolonize but failed. No remorse and have nerve to call displace victims illegals. Natives(including mexicans) have innate right to live on land of ancestors. Even after WW2 whites tried to recolonize but failed. Confederate things are proof that some are not remorseful of past and insult to civil war and what USA stands for.