Korea before after annexation

Yanban lawlessly ruled like a gang: 40% slave; Koreans pooped on street like a dogs; Seoul had straw roof; Life expectancy 24; Literacy 4%;  Sent tribute of virgin sex slave girls and castrated eunuch to china;

Japan annexation modernized and IMPROVED lives in Korea/Taiwan with huge investments LOSS (road,rail,dam,water,sewage,6000 schools,hospital,rail,590million plants)(US$1 trillion today) and provided law; citizenship; DEMOCRACY; population 13 million to 26 million; literacy 4% to 60%; life expectancy 24 to 56; abolish slavery; reduced crime(reduced rape abduction etc too); opportunity for a good jobs (doctor, dentist, governor, police etc); Only 4% literate and it was chinese. Japan update Hangul and taught both in Japanese and Hangul, literacy went to 60%.
Joseon(old Korea) was tributary state to qing/china and sent castrated eunuch and young virgin sex slave girls. Even Seoul had straw roof and people pooped on street like a dogs.
In 1965, Japan gave S Korea us$800 million(us50$billion today)
Japan further helped S korea in 1965,1983,1997,2006,2006 with worth hundred of billions in aid, loan, swap etc.

PAID comfort prostitutes worked at Korean owned brothel(some tricked.) Prostitutes LIE to get 10 times retirement benefits. Testimonies changes and sometimes slips and Korean War things come out jeep, zipper, helicopter, Christmas. Most of money raised by donations go to N korea organizations and japan bashing. 1944 USA war report say prostitute ate well and buy luxury items. 2007 report for german/japan war crimes, USA spent $30m,7 years, and went through 8 million pages, NO evidence of abduction.

More details and proofs.