Protocol of Globalist

Share buyback is almost exclusively use to allow insider to cash out stock option or stock.
TPP give too much power to evil globalist over countries but forces countries to accept fair business international rule of law. China need foreign investments and only way they get significant amount is joining TPP.
Globalization and privatization is attempt by evil connected elite to steal from public companies. Evil connected executives/directors tend to ripoff public stock owners by way excessive pay plus they need additional incentive to work. This makes companies practically valueless ponzi scheme where values are based on others buying. Things like fair wage, fair price, fair opportunity, education, medicine, etc. are universal human rights.
Top 0.001% globalist gains millions(or billions) in asset but pay less percent in tax than poor in 3rd world or minimum wage worker in usa. What is really needed is world wide asset based tax of around 1-2% and income based tax of around 30% after only standard deduction and no other tax deductions. Taxing unrealized gain by taxing assets are very important since BILLIONARE does not need to use much of unrealized gains plus they have shelters. It is unrealistic since evil connected rich are the ones have influence in making laws. Military/police/banks etc. are protecting their asset at huge expense which they are not paying fair amount for. Democracy in USA was lost when PAC/globalist money feeds both parties. People are conned into Democrat/Republican bandwagon while getting ruled by divide and conquer technique.
Evil greedy globalists got together with fake oppressive communists in 1970s and made money by virtual slavery at $0.10/hour wages. Bush lied and invaded iraq and globalist owned chinese oil companies got the oil contract at $10/barrel while rich iraq country. World is over populated but religions and globalists are against birth control since it want to expand money base. They collect money from poor and live in luxury. Pope Francis is best pope ever. After all the rape, sex, sexual harassment, greed, cover up etc. scandals, Catholic was forced to give position to fugal man of integrity.
70% of economy is based on conned-sumer spending bubble. Santa/valentine/halloween are story/lie to induce more spending to profit globalist.
me poor and USA too. Meanwhile war merchant branch made tons more as well as PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank profiteers on the deficit. Globalist want to destroy BRICS(china/russia/india etc. bank system) so obama acted weak in hoping that china/russia will make a mistake.
google “real7777 sumer”
Thomas Piketty is a French economist who works on wealth and income inequality.


Sumer cradle of civilization was origin of all major religions and empire structures.  Greedy elite made up stories/lies to unite people. Drought made them spread around the world(Babylon.)  Became King = khan= Kanger= kang= kagan= stone= ancient etc.

The solution is birth control but greedy globalist and religion are against it since it reduced potential money.