Ruthless incompetent reckless greedy narcissist sociopath dotard tramp cutoff hot water to get rent control renters out. 22 million people might lose insurance. Anti-American dotard takes away “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” from people.
Food; shelter; price; opportunity; education; medicine; fair wage etc. are universal human rights.
Sociopath publicity stunt but don’t actually care about suffering of people. On Tiananmn massacre he says, “strong government put down riot”. In 911 interview, Trump talked about 2nd tallest building become first than people. He often publicly promise to donate but don’t actually deliver the money. Con artist say america first, but Ivanka sells foreign made good and trump uses foreign goods. Tramp weakened USA and can’t even freeze kim’s foreign assets.
Mueller might be faking investigation to satisfy public but have little or no intention of prosecuting. Manafort Was Wiretapped news came out at UN speech to minimize exposure.
Is dotard tramp thanking hero rocketman kim for distracting russian investigation?
He was lucky that father got rich in USA. He get lots investors’ money form new companies and incompetency made them go bankrupt meanwhile he made millions. Trump college also was similarly taught totally useless incompetency and got sued. He also uses his power to sexually harass grope etc. I would be shocked if trump did not try help russia money laundering. Presidents should not tweet and say things only after consulting to expert. Tramp has reality show mentality with zero sympathy for victims of hurricane by caring about RATING more and pardoned racist. He is racist and cheater. . Obstruction.
Trampede:lots croonies leaving. He is hypercritical of others while his incompetency causes him to make frequent mistakes and lies.
CIA is incompetent if they did not tap him lol.
RUSSIA: Moscow trump tower deal; Witness tampering/intimidation with “tape” threat; Flynn and Kushner not disclosing $1.3billion debt and talking to russian banker; Jr.talking to russian; Smith using russian hacker to get clinton; Firing Comey; Sessions met with russian but “can’t remember” anything; Session did not disclose meeting russian; Conflict of interest is nothing to him. His company make profit while taxpayers pays $10m for each round of golf.
. I predicted trump can con people into believing and conned-sumer spending and economy do well OR people realize how evil he and globalists are…. It seems BOTH happening. (100 topic with 400 links)
Top 0.001% globalist gains millions(or billions) in asset but pay less percent in tax than poor in 3rd world or minimum wage worker in usa. What is really needed is world wide asset based tax of around 1-2%. But since they control politicians, it is impossible. Destroying mom & pops operations and replacing with big international companies like Walmart/Uber etc. make it easier to steal by excessive compensation and stock options etc.
Democracy in USA was lost when PAC/globalist money feeds both parties. People are conned into Democrat/Republican bandwagon while getting ruled by divide and conquer technique. Sociopath clinton and tramp were only bad choices in 2016. Clintons were lucky monica distracted whitewater real estate and murder. Sociopath Clinton is making noise to promote book.
Evil greedy globalists got together with fake oppressive communist china in 1970s and made money by virtual slavery at $0.10/hour wages.
Solution to most of the problems in world is birth control but greedy globalist and religion does not want reduced money base. Sumer cradle of civilization was origin of all major religions and empire structures. Greedy elite made up stories/lies to unite and take advantage of people.
Millions of people starve to death because they are not allowed to migrate and live. They die because people do not want their standard of living to go down. People need to acknowledge this and realize it is same as watching them being sent to a concentration camp.
Whites trivializes genocide, atrocity, torture, rape, slavery, colonizing, killing 100 million. No remorse and have nerve to call displace victims illegals. Natives(including mexicans) have innate right to live on land of ancestors. Even after WW2 whites tried to recolonize but failed.