For latest CO2 and Temperature.


Glacial Maximum was 23k year ago(kya). Sea level rose rapidly from around 12kya to 6kya and very slowly raised after.

CO2 from humans had huge spike last 200 years.

Global warming/cooling cycle happened over and over before human. Glacial maximum was 23k years ago(kya) and warming. China/Taiwan/Japan was connected. By 15kyp sea started to rise and low level land began to submerge and people/pottery spread to world. By around 6kya, Sea level rose 120m/400feet and relatively flat until now. In last 4500 things like extreme high or low temperature caused many civilization failure.

Google “real7777 co2” “real7777 solution” “real7777 sumer” “real7777 green” for graphs, video and detail.

CO2 level today is already way more than peaks of last half million years, but temperature is flat for past 18 years. I think 102 year sun cycle(related to Maunder minimum) peaked about 2000, currently weak 11 year peak too. If it was just from sun, temp should drop until 2020. If temp is flat then it is sign of CO2 impact.

There are many things affecting than included in past simulations. Also NEW 2015 discoveries of deep sea and desert carbon sinks were NOT accounted on simulation of past. 400 million years ago CO2 was 15 times higher. NASA revealed Antarctic ice gains. Ice melting releases CO2 too. Carbon capture is waste of energy and money unless co2 is actually used for something useful. What really needed is birth control but religion and globalist are against it since it reduced potential money.

CO2 causes hotter hemisphere in summer and cause extra evaporation. This probably create more cloud for change in weather pattern. extreme weather, and block sun for other hemisphere for extreme cold winter. This explains antarctic ice increase.

co2 is like a fertilizer that has reaches saturation and increasing it only makes small difference. Impact of slower increase CO2 is small, but extreme weather is real. Pollutions kill millions and we don’t want $500/barrel oil. We still need to use less fossil fuel.

Until recently, human impact of CO2/temp/sea level was minimal. Things like sun cycle, volcano, comet affected things.