Sea Level Rise

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Temp CO2 sea level

Here’s temperature and CO2(carbon dioxide) correlation graph.  It is very close relationship.
It also came in cycles and man’s impact was not much in this long term graph.

temperature-change co2 400k

Blue=temperature, Red=CO2

Irony is though. I would expected that co2 will make plants glow but it does opposite.
So, it is likely that it causes drought during summer and long winter due to more steam/cloud on other hemisphere.



Second graph is shorter term,
You can still see swings before 1800.

I guess what happens is that high temperature MELT the ice.  Melting of ice changes the distribution of water from poles to equator as well as lowers the temperature.

I guess this increases tidal energy as well as more mass which cause increase in volcanic activity which probably block the sun a little and lowers temperature.

But you can see that cycle were close to 1000 years before, but now cycling in hundred years.

To me, cooling cause by 2nd stage of global warming is being cancel to large extent by excessive CO2 heating.

So we probably will not have cooling temperature cause by combo of ice melting/lower co2/volcanic activity and only volcanic remain.

So expect dry/drought in summer and longer harsher winter and extreme weather.

There is 11 year sun radiation cycle which got changed past year, we might be heading to 24,000 year low cycle which might be sign of ice age starting.

Sea level changes is not going to stop because CO2 level.
Extreme weather is not going change too much unless CO2 level are drastically reduced, which cannot happen without nuclear fusion power plants.
There are sun cycles etc. as well as comet affecting the weather.

As ice melt there will be change in water distribution and pressure.  This also causes more active volcano.  Probably at similar or larger to tidal impact level of star alignment.


2 thoughts on “Sea Level Rise

  1. Doug November 16, 2015 / 12:05 am

    CO2 has no effect on plant growth? Why do some tomato farmers pump CO2 into their hot houses? These graphs do not indicate whether C02 is a leading or trailing indicator. Any small amount that CO2 has on forcing is diminished rapidly, I.e. It is not a linear function. CO2 is a small trace gas when compared to nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapor.

  2. real7777 November 16, 2015 / 6:19 pm

    I don’t see much relevance your “plant growth” have. Temp/co2 probably have 1000s of factors and net result. Also this is relatively old blog and I probably will update soon or later.
    I could see the slight TEMP LEAD in this graph. If you google for other graphs, there are overlapping graph that make it tiny bit easier to see.

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