China Origin

Chinese Origin Speculation

  • 1) Chinese pottery and symbol to Middle East
  • 2) Middle East Sumer have empire structure, metal, writing,pottery, mason, etc
  • 3) Middle East technology, merchant etc. come back to china in various waves
  • 4) Shang(china) refugee creat jizi joseon(gojoseon) (korea)
  • 5) Various refugee gets to Japan such as Shang,Zhou,Qin (some through korea)

Pottery was invented 20kyp East China and become Jomon 15kyp in japan, same culture(Hmong type). 8kyp symbols were invented in china and went to Middle East with Pottery

Technology to allowed for empire was pottery, writing,law, male religion, hero stories, metal, water, sewage, mason, farm etc. Sumer cradle of civilization was origin of empire structure and religion. Formula was elite using a story(lie) to gain from others. This was awesome tool for nationalism and uniting and collect from others. Hero is story making loyal blood special and legitimize rulers, such as king Arthur story. Formula spread with various modifications. Religion is story of gods which enable priest to collect money from followers.

  • 1)Gaia = mother nature = tree of life = Asherah Pole= h-ashira(御柱 onbashira)= cross = christmas tree = sirius star = various goddess(ishtar, innana, isis, venus,amaterasu 天照大神 etc) = jesus
  • 2)毘沙門天(bishamonten)= 狛犬(komainu)=獅子 lion/dragon/unicorn= Vaisravana= sphinx= lamassu= cupid=cherubs angel guarding eden
  • 3)War god of moses=yahwah=yaw=yam=poseidon =ya = yama mountain god= Yahoo(hello god)= YAAH!!(attack in name of god)
  • 4)Baal = Minotaur = Chi_You=yama or enmadaio

China’s rulers were migrant from Sumer(area) who brought technology,religion, and empire system, Xia/Shang/Zhou. Qin was probably 10 lost tribe. East Asians rulers are smart, light skin, taller,etc. Probably gojosean=shang, goguryeo=zhou,baekje=qin

East Asians dynasty have lighter skin than hmong jomon type people eventually became chinese xian culture/dynasty. Shang was similar origin. Zhou was combination of hongshan, Sumer, and other chinese culture mix. I think they would been make art and love, not war type.

Some of evidence would be lighter skin, tall, fertile, smart, bronze got to china etc. I also think Hata=qin=metal=gold=jin=kin=kana=kim

Teochew = chao = zhao (qin)

I suspect hakka was similar early chinese dynasty root, but I have not discovered direct evidence for qin yet.

I also found very important Kang(Sumer,rock) = Kangar=Kagan=khazar=Seok=rockKhan and perhaps even Han.



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