East Asian Ruler

Origin of East Asian Ruling class

  1. 30kyp Pre-jomon by bangladish type
  2. 15kyp Jomon (hmong/mia type)
  3. 8kyp Chinese/Jomon pottery and symbol to Middle East
  4. Middle East Sumer have empire structure, metal, writing,pottery, mason, etc
  5. Middle East technology, merchant etc. come back to china in various waves
  6. 4kyp China Xia/Shang/Zhou ruler middle eastern mix with china+hongshan+other
  7. Korea Gija Joseon(Gojoseon) started by ruler Jizi of Shang(china) refugee
  8. Qin started as Jew 10 lost tribe refugee mix ruler
  9. Korea Wiman Joseon/Four Commanderies of Han
  10. Korea Gokuryeo(jumong) was created by Shang/Zhou other mix rulers

  11. Korea Baekje(susano) was created by Qin mix rulers

  12. Japan Yayoi shang mix and other waves of refugees
  13. Japan Wa (zhou wu refugee,wu=wo=wa,gokuryeo)
  14. Korea Silla/Gaya rulers were found by Hogong(Wa)
  15. Japan Hata(Baekje=qing refugee)
  16. Korea Silla wipes rest with Tang China help
  17. Japan Asuka (Soga=so-gaya, Persepolis technology, wa+india/persia)

By 30kyp or before, there were SE asians who had hmong/ miao/ filipino/ taiwan/ okinawan/ tibetan/ american indian type look.

Around 23kyp glacial maximum and sea was 150m below today and taiwan/ japan/ americas was connected to euracian continent. East china sea was largely land.

20kyp pottery arose East China, 15kyp jomon culture.

In few thousand years, it spread to korea, manchuria, americas, tibet, inland china etc.

8000yp pottery with symbols start to appear and around that time pottery spread to west.

Metal was discovered in west(more like middle east).

Sumer cradle of civilization https://real7777.wordpress.com/history/sumer/

Technology to allowed for empire was pottery, writing, law, male religion, hero stories, metal, water, sewage, mason, farm etc. Sumer cradle of civilization was origin of empire structure and religion. Formula was elite using a story(lie) to gain from others. This was awesome tool for nationalism and uniting and collect from others. Hero is story making loyal blood special and legitimize rulers, such as king Arthur story. Religion is basically a fake story of god to collect money.

I am using sumer as middle eastern area in general, giving credit as originator of empire technology. Some of evidence would be ligher skin, tall, fertile, smart, bronze got to china etc. And east asians have lighter skin than like hmong jomon type people eventually became chinese xia culture/dynasty.

Chinese shang was similar origin. Zhou was combination of hongshan, persia, and other chinese culture mix. I think they would been make art and love, not war type. Zhou could have been pre-lost tribe migration too. Around 3kyp, jewish lost tribe migrating and one of them became ancestor of the qin dynasty. Went to korea and became Baekje then to japan as Hata.

Things like global temperature(low and high) extreme causes famine and weakening or collapse of empires.

Anyway when shang were over thrown, jizi went to korea area which were not a country yet.

Founding story of Gija Joseon Gojoseon sound similar so I would say they were jizi around 3kyp.

Both shang and gokuryo have bird as main symbol. Of course they also had hongshan culture influence too.

Mean while in japan. There was early 30kyp migration. Then probably jomon(ie east chinese potter) got to japan 15kyp(or little earlier). 6kyp or so kikai caldra erupted and made south japan and probably korea inhabitable for some years then there was mini ice age creating another bottleneck. Eventually hmong type jomon repopulated japan.

After that shang,zhou,qin refugee came to japan and became noble(and probably samurai) class. Any way they represent yayoi/kohun period. Wa was taibo wu(zhou could be through goguryeo).

Silla/gaya was form by small refugee of gokuryo but rulers was found by hogong(Wa).

Gaya was south korea, bon-gaya was leading for short period.

During Asuka(Soga) period, capital moved and palace had 20 degree off north sirius star alignment like persepolis with lots water/stone technology. Soga was probably So-gaya who were mix of korean/japanese and persian/india of Indonesia area. That’s probably why there’s little information about so-gaya. They did not write so-gaya was japanese because writer valued his life.

Religion is a story of gods which enable priest to collect money.


Formal massively structured religion started in Sumer. And it was copied over and over again with various changes over time and location. Not much different than language or culture changes.

  • 1) Gaia = mother nature = tree of life = Asherah Pole= h-ashira(御柱 onbashira)= cross = christmas tree = sirius star = various goddess(ishtar, innana, isis, venus, demeter, amaterasu天照大神,mari,mary etc) = jesus
  • 2) War god of moses= yahwah= yaw= yam= ea= enki= poseidon=須佐之男susanowo etc. and ya… in japan=yama mountain god= Yahoo(hello god)= YAAH!!(attack in name of god)= elohim = allah=oden=tengri ~ Tenri 天理 ~ tengu天狗.
  • 3) 毘沙門天(bishamonten)= 狛犬(komainu)=獅子 lion/dragon/unicorn= Vaisravana= sphinx= lamassu= valkyrie=cupid=cherubs angel guarding eden
  • 4) Baal = Minotaur = Chi_You蚩尤 =yama or enmadaio閻魔大王

Globalization and privatization is attempt by evil connected elite to steal from public companies. Evil connected executives/directors tend to ripoff public stock owners by way excessive pay plus they need additional incentive to work.



One thought on “East Asian Ruler

  1. real7777 November 6, 2015 / 3:09 am

    Main culture of Japan came from refugee of zhou(呉太伯taibo wu=wo=wa)/qin descendant plus many other refugees mostly from china and korea. If you go back 15,000 years, jomon pottery people were more like hmong/miao type of east china when sea level was 150m below today and mainland china/taiwan/japan was connected. Wa pirates were chinese majority around shanghai(former wu area).
    From wiki Five_kings_of_Wa
    倭国王珍(chin) 使持節都督 倭 百斉 新羅 任那 秦韓 慕韓 六国諸軍事安東太将軍倭国王.
    Wa king ruled 6 region around korea and china.
    辰韓 Jinhan confederacy = 秦韓 Qinhan(新羅silla)
    馬韓 Mahan conferacy = 慕韓 muhan(百斉baekje)
    弁韓 Byeonhan confederacy(加耶gaya) = 任那(Mimana) One of it was Mioyama (彌烏邪馬國)
    Yama-taikoku (邪馬台国) and Yamato which were name of Japan too and must had some connection with Mioyama.
    google “real7777 sumer” “real7777 asian ruler” “real7777 japan origin”
    Meanwhile han chinese was started by “Liu Bang was born in a peasant family in Zhongyang Village” and Empress Lü who “she had Qi’s limbs chopped off, eyes gouged out, ears sliced off, forced her to drink a potion that made her mute, and thrown into a latrine. “.

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