Japan Origin

Japan Origin Speculation

  • 1) 30kyp Pre-jomon by bangladish type
  • 2) 15kyp Jomon (hmong/mia type)
  • 3) Chinese pottery and symbol to Middle East 8kp
  • 4) Middle East Sumer have empire structure, metal, writing,pottery, mason, etc
  • 5) 5-6kyp kikai caldela and mini iceage bottleneck(haplogroup D survival)
  • 6) Middle East technology, merchant etc. come back to china in various waves
  • 7) 2200-3000yp Yayoi shang refugee and others
  • 8) Wa (zhou wu refugee,wu=wo=wa,gokuryeo)
  • 9) Silla/Gaya rules were found by Hogong(Wa)
  • 10) Hata (qin refugee=baekje)
  • 11) Asuka (Soga=so-gaya, Persepolis technology)
  • 12) All kind of interaction with korea

Yatagarasu three legged crow guide Emperor Jimmu. Shang guide Wa(zhou wu).

Pottery was invented 20kyp East China and become Jomon 15kyp in japan, same culture. 8Kyp symbols were invented in china and went to Middle East with Pottery.

https://real7777.wordpress.com/history/sumer/ Sumer was origin of empire structure and religion. Formula was elite using a story[lie] to gain from others. Religion is story of gods which enable priest to collect money from followers. Hero is story making loyal blood special and legitimize rulers, such as king Arthur story. Formula spread with various modifications. This was awesome tool for nationalism and uniting and collect from others. https://real7777.wordpress.com/humanity/religion

  • 1) Gaia = mother nature = tree of life = Asherah Pole= h-ashira(御柱 onbashira)= cross = christmas tree = sirius star = various goddess(ishtar, innana, isis, venus, demeter, amaterasu天照大神,mari,mary etc) = jesus
  • 2) 毘沙門天(bishamonten)= 狛犬(komainu)=獅子 lion/dragon/unicorn= Vaisravana= sphinx= lamassu= cupid=cherubs angel guarding eden
  • 3) War god of moses= yahwah= yaw= yam= ea= enki= poseidon=須佐之男susanowo etc. and ya… in japan=yama mountain god= Yahoo(hello god)= YAAH!!(attack in name of god) = elohim = allah
  • 4)Baal = Minotaur = Chi_You蚩尤 =yama or enmadaio閻魔大王=tengri=tengu

China’s rulers were migrant from Sumer(area) who brought technology,religion, and empire system, Xia/Shang/Zhou. Qin was probably 10 lost tribe. East Asians rulers are smart, light skin, taller,etc. Probably gojosean=shang, goguryeo=zhou,baekje=qin, silla/gaya=japan

Japanese Wō should been (wu,ku,oh,go,etc) but chinese gave nasty phonetic replacement (wo,wa), “The first Wu Kingdom(zhou) was united by Taibo during the Spring and Autumn Period. Ambassadoral visits to Japan by the later Northern Chinese dynasties Wei and Jin Dynasty (265-420) recorded that the Wō people of Japan claimed to be descendants of the Grand Count (Tàibó) of the Kingdom of Wu.”

Kuroshio current make it very easy to travel from Shanghai(Wu)area, or indirectly from korea.

Similarly Himiko has nasty chinese phonetic translation 卑弥呼 it should be 日神子sun princess,sun god child) 日巫女(sun priestess) or if it someone was to give girl name today 日美子(sun beauty child).

Some of evidence would be lighter skin, tall, fertile, smart, bronze got to china etc. I also think Hata=qin=metal=gold=jin=kin=kana=kim and probably kang/king(see bottom)

There’s northern part of central japan that have lots names.

“Three Holy Mountains” (三霊山 Sanreizan) two out of three are in area and fuji is not that far.

The Kaga Domain(加賀藩Kaga han), also known as Kanazawa Domain(金沢藩Kanazawa han),was a Japanese domain of the Edo period. It is associated with the provinces of Kaga, Noto and Etchū in modern-day Ishikawa Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture

  • Ishikawa Prefecture (石川県 )
  • Noto Province (能登国)
  • Toyama Prefecture (富山県)
  • Wajima shi (輪島市) i Wa-island-city


Asuka Soga= korea So-Gaya, Gaya = Goya=Gokuryeo Korea-Gaya-Origin

Soga is related So-gaya.  Gaya/Silla have story with India/persia.It is more likely Persian through Indonesia trading post Kangar Perlis.  It even sound like Persepolis.  Ayodhya India=Ayutthaya in Tailand =Ayuta korean princess.
Some of evidence would be lighter skin, tall, fertile, smart, bronze got to china etc. I also think Hata=qin=metal=gold=jin=kin=kana

  • Wu = = Go =
  • Gogokuryeo高句麗 was probably had Wu descendent.
  • gaya伽倻=goya高耶= 吳耶
  • so-gaya 小伽倻=so-goya小高耶=小吳耶
  • so-gaya 小伽倻=蘇我soga(asuka japan)=蘇吳sogo(resurrect wu)

Soga is related So-gaya. Gaya/Silla have story with India/persia.It is more likely Persian(Sumer area) through Indonesia trading post Kangar Perlis. It even sound like Persepolis. Ayodhya India=Ayutthaya in Tailand =Ayuta korean princess.

I also found very important Kang(Sumer,rock,ancient) = Kangar= Kagan= khazar= Seok= ancient= Khan and perhaps even Han. Also kang=king

  • Things that are common are like, importance of mountain top.
  • This makes sense in terms of aggressiveness, high technology
  • dolmen graves
  • monolith
  • water/stone technology
  • bull

King: Old English cyning “king, ruler,” from Proto-Germanic *kuninggaz (cf. Dutch koning, Old Norse konungr, Danish konge, Old Saxon and Old High German kuning, Middle High German künic, German König). Possibly related to Old English cynn “family, race” (see kin), making a king originally a “leader of the people;” or from a related root suggesting “noble birth,” making a king originally “one who descended from noble birth.” The sociological and ideological implications render this a topic of much debate. Finnish kuningas “king,” Old Church Slavonic kunegu “prince” (Russian knyaz, Bohemian knez), Lithuanian kunigas “clergyman” are loans from Germanic.


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