Korea Origin

Korea Origin Speculation

  1. 1) Jomon pottery culture
  2. 2) Hongshan culture(mix of jomon, some west side)
  3. 3) Shang(china) refugee Jizi create and rule Gija Joseon(Gojoseon) country
  4. 4) Wiman Joseon/Four Commanderies of Han
  5. 5) Shang/Zhou mix create Gokuryeo(jumong)
  6. 6) Qin mix create baekje(susano)
  7. 7) Various refugee gets to Japan such as Shang,Zhou(Wa=Wu(Gokuryeo)),Qin
  8. 8) Gokuryeo form tiny villages gaya/silla
  9. 9) Hogong(of Wa) becomes silla/gaya ruler founder.
  10. 10) Tang help silla wipe rest

China’s rulers were migrant from around Sumer who brought technology,religion, and empire system, Xia/Shang/Zhou. Qin was probably 10 lost tribe. Thus East Asians rulers are smart, light skin, taller,etc. Probably gojosean=shang, goguryeo=zhou,baekje=qin, silla/gaya=japan

Shang and gokuryo have bird as main symbol. Of course they also had hongshan culture influence too.

Qin refugee or merchant at jorbon was probably Susano’s ancestory.
Shang were over thrown, jizi went to korea area which were not a country yet.

Founding story of Gija Joseon, Gojoseon Jizi=Hwanung 3kyp.

Jizi “Jizi brought agriculture, sericulture, and many other facets of Chinese civilization to Joseon. “

Gojoseon:”Hwanung descended to Mountain Taebaek with 3,000 helpers, where he founded a city he named Sinsi (신시, 神市, “City of God” or “Holy City”). Along with his ministers of clouds, rain, and wind, he instituted laws and moral codes and taught the people various arts, medicine, and agriculture. “

Gaya/Silla have story with India/persia.It is more likely Persian(Sumer area) through Indonesia trading post Kangar Perlis. It even sound like Persepolis. Ayodhya India=Ayutthaya in Tailand =Ayuta korean princess.

Silla Korea rulers were Japanese. Japanese Hogong(duke bottle gourd)= park(gourd). kim(qin) = egg/box found by hogong. Seok = 1000 li north east of wa.





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