korea origin

Korea Silla Rulers Park and Kim originated in Japan.

Silla was tiny chiefdom that became small country in south east korea.
Silla got help from tang china and united what we consider area that is korea today.
Silla rulers were mostly kim/pak(park) clans so I am going to show evidence that they were japanese.
There’s northern part of central japan that have lots names.

“Three Holy Mountains” (三霊山 Sanreizan) two out of three are in area and fuji is not that far.

“The Kaga Domain (加賀藩 Kaga han), also known as Kanazawa Domain (金沢藩 Kanazawa han),was a Japanese domain of the Edo period. It is associated with the provinces of Kaga, Noto and Etchū in modern-day Ishikawa Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture

I am not certain kaga became kana with hata arriving or they are equalavent clan.

Ishikawa Prefecture (石川県 )
Noto Province (能登国)
Toyama Prefecture (富山県)
Wajima shi (輪島市) i Wa-island-city

Silla noble clans
pak(park)= gourd(plant used for water container/music)
Seok = stone = 石 =ishi/seki(japanese) = Kangar = kang (sumer, stone mason) =(kagan?) = kaga
Jin = Kim = (秦/金/神 and others) = kana = hata japan = qin china(might be qing too) = Jurchen

(china jin; korea kim; japan kin/kana etc, english gold/metal)

Hata were expert at metal(金属) can be shorted to 金. This would be like blacksmith having “metal” as lastname or rich having “gold” as lastname.

“King Talhae_of_Silla [Seok Talhae] was born in a small kingdom 1000 li northeast of Wa (Japan)” which are about same area as mentioned above.

Hogong was a minister of Silla in the age of nation-building. It is recorded that he was originally from the Wa people of Japan, though his family name or clan name was unknown to the compiler of the Historical Records of the Three Kingdoms.[1] He was called Hogong (meaning “Duke Bottle Gourd”) because he was putting on his bottle gourd when he came from Japan. He was a very important person in initial Silla because he appeared in stories of primogenitors of all royal families. “

Hogong’s family name probably wa jin/kim/pak(gourd) and compiler knew but did not want to originated from japan. Hogong probably was father of first king or queen of silla of pak.

Click here to view the original image of 849x503px.

This also can connect japan/korea/china/silk road to sumer/kang/kangar/persia/jew/scythian/basque/england etc.
Things that are common are like, importance of mountain top.
Silla and scythian crown look similar(probably that’s where korean get their temper).
Korea = chosen = korai(japanese) = kankoku = (origin was perhaps kang-koku?)
Han = khan = khagan = kagan = kang (sumer) = kangar This makes sense in terms of aggressiveness, high technology
dolmen graves
water/stone technology

Yamatai 邪馬台 can be also pronounce yamato was 2nd name for japan. It can mean barbarian horse island which would perfectly describe scythian(big if they were there) in japan especially japan were known as pirates. 山台 can also read as yamato, which means mountain island, or god island.

Other than that there’s also gaya korea, india, iran….gaia greek.
Some people believe korea have linguistic connection to sumer or india.
Japanese keyhole kofun burial mound and some basque grave stone have similar shape.

Basically Japanese were chinese refugee of shang, zhou, qin, etc. Some went through korea first.
Shang, zhou, qin had some tiny blood from persian area that brought metal, stone technology, water and sewer, empire structure etc.


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