Sumer cradle of civilization was origin of all major religions and empire structures.  Greedy elite made up stories/lies to unite people. Drought made them spread around the world(Babylon.)  Became King = khan= Kanger= kang= kagan= stone= ancient etc.

Technology that allowed for empire formation was pottery, writing, law, male religion, hero stories, metal, water, sewage, mason, farm etc.  Structure was copied over and over again with various changes over time and location similar to how language or culture changes.
Old Jews were Polytheist and believed in few gods.  Eventually, YHWH(war god of moses) sect dominated and decided they are the only one.  One of other sect was asherah(mother nature, tree of life, pole, menorah) and female figurine.  Jesus is revival of asherah sect with cross being asherah pole replacement and mary statue.  This is the difference between old testament and kinder gentler replacements.  Violent jews/muslim vs slightly gentler christan/shinto.

  • 1) Mother nature =Gaia = tree of life =menorah=Asherah Pole= h-ashira(御柱 onbashira)=  cross = christmas tree = sirius star = various goddess(ishtar, innana, isis, venus, demeter, amaterasu天照大神,mari,mary,eve etc) = jesus = ra = amum-ra = amen
  • 2) Sea War god = YHWH(god of moses)= yahwah= yahu= yaw= yam= ea= enki= elohim= poseidon=須佐之男susanowo etc. and 八ya… in japan=山yama mountain god= Yahoo(hello god)= YAAH!!(attack in name of god)= elohim = allah=oden=tengri ~ Tenri 天理 ~ tengu天狗 = aten = atom = adam = Horus
  • 3) Horned god = Baal = Minotaur = Chi_You蚩尤 =chinese yama = enmadaio閻魔大王
  • 4) Gate guards = 毘沙門天(bishamonten)= 狛犬(komainu)=獅子 lion/dragon/unicorn= Vaisravana= sphinx= lamassu= valkyrie=cupid=cherubs angel guarding eden
  • 5) King = Kanger=kang=khan=kagan=stone=ancient etc.  and perhaps even kin/kim/mason/jin
    google “real7777 sumer”

Pottery was invented 20kyp East China, then 8kyp symbols went to Middle East. Technology to allowed for empire was pottery, writing, law, male religion, hero stories, metal, water, sewage, mason, farm etc. Sumer cradle of civilization was origin of empire structure and religion. Formula was elite using a story(lie) to gain from others. This was awesome tool for nationalism and uniting and collect from others. Hero is story making loyal blood special and legitimize rulers, such as king Arthur story. Religion is basically a fake story of god to collect money. Formal massively structured religion started in Sumer. And it was copied over and over again with various changes over time and location. Not much different than language or culture changes.

China’s rulers were migrant from Sumer(area) who brought technology,religion, and empire system, Xia/Shang/Zhou. Qin was probably 10 lost tribe. Some of evidence would be lighter skin, tall, fertile, smart, bronze got to china etc. I also think Hata=qin=metal=gold=jin=kin=kana=kim.

I also found very important Kang(Sumer,rock) = Kangar= Kagan= khazar= Seok= ancient= Khan and perhaps even Han. Also kang=king

  • Things that are common are like, importance of mountain top.
  • This makes sense in terms of aggressiveness, high technology
  • dolmen graves
  • monolith
  • water/stone technology
  • bull


Old English cyning “king, ruler,” from Proto-Germanic *kuninggaz (cf. Dutch koning, Old Norse konungr, Danish konge, Old Saxon and Old High German kuning, Middle High German künic, German König). Possibly related to Old English cynn “family, race” (see kin), making a king originally a “leader of the people;” or from a related root suggesting “noble birth,” making a king originally “one who descended from noble birth.” The sociological and ideological implications render this a topic of much debate. Finnish kuningas “king,” Old Church Slavonic kunegu “prince” (Russian knyaz, Bohemian knez), Lithuanian kunigas “clergyman” are loans from Germanic.

Globalization and privatization is attempt by evil connected elite to steal from public companies. Evil connected executives/directors tend to ripoff public stock owners by way excessive pay plus they need additional incentive to work.

Greedy Elites



Greedy elites in Sumer cradle of civilization created stories of god/hero/etc. to fleece from others.

Religion/king/empire/business etc follow same strategy of brainwashing, uniting, nationalism, team spirit etc.

Merchant love santa story that causes unnecessary spending by conned-sumer.

King Arthur story legitimize and con people into believing some special blood is needed.

Priest etc live in luxury while taking money from poor.


One thought on “Sumer

  1. real7777 March 23, 2015 / 5:47 pm

    DNA location that can prove this.
    After glacial maximum, most important feature of human is intelligence especially for elites(ruler,manager,inventor,etc). The most active genetic enhancer HARE5 is probably one of biggest important factor. It should be studied on haploggroup since mitocondrial probably only make tiny difference in high attitude such as tibet.
    I would say this will prove my theory that Sumer was cradle of civilization and from there empire structure and religion spread. Sort of like Babylon except it was drought that caused Sumer to fail.

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