Humanity Sumer cradle of civilization was origin the empire structure and formal massively structured religion. Technology to allowed for empire was combination of pottery, writing, law, male religion, hero stories, metal, water, sewage, mason, farm etc. Formula was elite using a story(lie) to gain from others. This was awesome tool for nationalism and uniting and collect from others. Structure was copied over and over again with various changes over time and location similar to how language or culture changes. Religion is a story of gods which enable priest to live in luxury by collect money.

  • 1) Gaia = mother nature = tree of life = Asherah Pole= h-ashira(御柱 onbashira)= cross = christmas tree = sirius star = various goddess(ishtar, innana, isis, venus, demeter, amaterasu天照大神,mari,mary etc) = jesus
  • 2) 毘沙門天(bishamonten)= 狛犬(komainu)=獅子 lion/dragon/unicorn= Vaisravana= sphinx= lamassu= cupid=cherubs angel guarding eden
  • 3) War god of moses= yahwah= yaw= yam= ea= enki= poseidon=須佐之男susanowo etc. and ya… in japan=yama mountain god= Yahoo(hello god)= YAAH!!(attack in name of god)= elohim = allah
  • 4) Baal = Minotaur = Chi_You蚩尤 =yama or enmadaio閻魔大王=tengri=tengu

Pope is better compare with others on past. Very little have changed in reality, unless they implement priest cannot live better than average people policy. Bad thing like coverup of bad doing such as molestation; probably only 10% of money collected in name of Theresa were spent on poor; bans birth-control since it decreases future follower; Elite in ancient Sumer using a good story to fleece wealth from others.

  • Sumer used more ambitious war like than fertility mother nature gaia type religion.
  • Brainwashing is a form of control including unification such as nationalism and team spirit;
  • Hero is a story of exaggerated deed to control and collect money from conned-sumers.
  • Empire is system of story telling to control and collect money from conned-sumers.
  • Conned-sumers often are brainwashed into excessive optional spending such as:
  • Movie is a showing of fake story;
  • Book is a story;
  • Sports is a fake fighting competition;
  • Christmas is a fake story of birthday and santa;
  • Pilgrimage or vacations are conned-sumers from a far;
  • Jewelry;
  • Shopping;
  • Credit card is a drug for shopping addict;
  • Law is often propaganda that have loopholes that benefit the elites.
  • Welfare is money went to the elite landlords
  • Deficit profiteers private federal reserve bank.
  • Democracy is lost when it takes dirty PAC money which feed both party to get elected.
  • Conned-sumer(consumer) spending is like 65% of GNP for USA and Japan etc.
  • Occupy wall street’s complaint of “top 1%” is a protest against sumer-ization.
  • Sumerism(money) is root of all evil. Millions of people starve to death because they are not allowed to migrate and live. They die because people do not want their standard of living to go down. People need to acknowledge this and realize it is same as watching them being sent to a concentration camp. To me, ignoring this and making a big deal about animal or few death is silly. Things like fair wage, fair price, fair opportunity, education, medicine, etc. are universal right. Globalization and privatization is attempt by evil connected elite to steal from public companies. Evil connected executives/directors tend to ripoff public stock owners by way excessive pay plus they need additional incentive to work. Fake oppressive communism was started in a sabotage to discourage people from destroying unfair laws that allow disproportionately benefit top 1% evil excessively greedy elites. Sumerism, sumeri-zation and conned-sumer. Sumerization is too close to “summarize”. Sumer-ization can be both “Sumer civilization” and “System used by Sumer” which was a powerful system of building an empire using a good stories to unite and gain bigger unfair share of the wealth. Conned-sumer(consumer) is conned sheep that are fleeced by a elite wolves in sumer-ization.

King= Kang(Sumer,rock,ancient,top) = Kangar= Kagan= khazar= Khan and perhaps even Han. Origin of East Asian Ruling class

  1. 30kyp Pre-jomon by bangladish type
  2. 15kyp Jomon (hmong/mia type)
  3. 8kyp Chinese pottery and symbol to Middle East
  4. Middle East Sumer have empire structure, metal, writing,pottery, mason, etc
  5. Middle East technology, merchant etc. come back to china in various waves
  6. 4kyp China Xia/Shang/Zhou ruler middle eastern mix with china+hongshan+other
  7. Korea Gija Joseon(Gojoseon) started by ruler Jizi of Shang(china) refugee
  8. Qin started as Jew 10 lost tribe refugee mix ruler
  9. Korea Wiman Joseon/Four Commanderies of Han
  10. Korea Gokuryeo(jumong) was created by Shang/Zhou other mix rulers

  11. Korea Baekje(susano) was created by Qin mix rulers

  12. Japan Yayoi shang mix and other waves of refugees
  13. Japan Wa (zhou wu refugee,wu=wo=wa,gokuryeo)
  14. Korea Silla/Gaya rulers were found by Hogong(Wa)
  15. Japan Hata(Baekje=qing refugee)
  16. Korea Silla wipes rest with Tang China help
  17. Japan Asuka (Soga=so-gaya, Persepolis technology, wa+india/persia)



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