Globalization Privatization

Globalization and privatization is attempt by evil connected elite to steal from public companies. Evil connected executives/directors tend to ripoff public stock owners by way excessive pay plus they need additional incentive to work. Example would be nissan $12million pay plus incentive vs $1m for toyota. I call it sumerism, selected few elite benefiting from others. It started from sumarian structure for civilization. Government, religion, public companies all have elite ripping off others with excessively benefit. For example if company is not doing well, they blame economy. When they do musical chair and some other connected people replace, they get credit for natural economic/stock swing. Also, corporate law trumping natinal laws are same as losing democracy further.

TPP seems evil conspiracy by connected people who want to fleece world. Island dispute, kennedy, and russia in rimpac seems to make japan owe favor. Japan never have too much saying against USA and these make Japan cannot voice any disagreement at all. If TPP cannot be passed without such secrecy, then it should not be passed. At minimum, it should require 60% public vote.

Nuclear conspiracy might be that some want to buy nuclear power plants for pennies on dollar. Similarly they want electrical utilizes for cheap and then profiteer after. It is also 20 year ise shrine prosperity cycle with 50% stock price rise. This sort of implies that tiny minority already have power to manipulate.

Religion is basically fake story of god to collect money and loyalty.

Greedy Elites



Greedy elites in Sumer cradle of civilization created stories of god/hero/etc. to fleece from others.

Religion/king/empire/business etc follow same strategy of brainwashing, uniting, nationalism, team spirit etc.

Merchant love santa story that causes unnecessary spending by conned-sumer.

King Arthur story legitimize and con people into believing some special blood is needed.

Priest etc live in luxury while taking money from poor.

I think fake communism was created to sabotage and control mindset of world against fair distribution of wealth.

History is written by winners and often they are distorted propaganda. My short less biased history from japan’s perspective including slight conspiracies theories from around 1600.


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