Greedy Elite

There are evil excessively greedy elites in this world. They have the drive and eventually get to position of power. Even in USA, democracy are lost when it takes lots of evil PAC money(money donated by corporation) to get elected and evil money feed both parties. Democracy/free market only works well when there are at least 3 fair competitions.

Public companies are fleeced by greedy connected executives/directors who sometimes makes millions yet they need a INCENTIVE to work well. They get credit for economy or other people’s work, yet when things goes bad they blame the economy which prove that they are not worth that much. They then play a musical chair and let replacement get in with low stock price and get credit for normal swings in stock prices and huge profit on stock options. Tax system have loopholes so that ultra rich don’t have to pay hardly any tax. They probably pay millions to athlete/entertainers so they don’t look bad but take it away after. War merchant want war and they probably work hard to incite things.

Private federal reserve bank makes profit on deficit.

Tyrannical elite uses various things like religion and lies to brainwash people into give them control and unfair share of wealth. So things like religion are for elites, and even things like freemason can be hijacked by tyrannical elites. Look at example of mother Theresa. I would say only like 10% of money she raised go to the benefit of poor, majority allows priest etc to live life of luxury.

Executive/directors of public companies ripoff workers, customers, and ordinary stock holder. They often make million, yet they are so greedy that they cannot even do good work unless they are given various incentives. For example if company is not doing well, they blame economy. When they do musical chair and some other connected people replace, they get credit for natural economic/stock swing. Of course they always make laws with loopholes so they don’t have to pay their fair share of tax too. Unrealized gain do not require tax and there’s various fakish charity can be formed thus even realized gain are sheltered.


It all started in Sumer, cradle of civilization. I created a perfect word to describe evil elite fabricating a story to fleece others, sumerism. Sumerism is powerful brainwashing technique that have been copied all over the world. Stories about god to increase followers and collect money; Stories about hero to make rulers special and unite with nationalism and team spirit; Stories about fake birth day and santa to make people spend unnecessary amount; Christmas is fake birthday and brainwash people into spends money they cannot afford on junk they don’t need. Remember the story of couple, she sells hair, he sells the watch? It is NOT necessary to buy JUNK for other person, in fact it would been better if they did not and save the money for future kids.


TPP conspiracy

TPP seems evil conspiracy by connected people who want to fleece world. Island dispute, Kennedy, and Russia in RIMPAC seems to make japan owe favor. Japan never have too much saying against USA and these make Japan cannot voice any disagreement at all. If TPP cannot be passed without such secrecy, then it should not be passed. At minimum, it should require 60% public vote. Also, corporate law trumping national laws are same as losing democracy further.

It is also 20 year Ise shrine prosperity cycle with 50% stock price rise. This sort of implies that tiny minority already have power to manipulate.


Nuclear conspiracy might be that some want to buy nuclear power plants for pennies on dollar. Similarly they want electrical utilizes for cheap and then profiteer after. Example would be nissan $12million pay plus incentive vs $1m for Toyota. I call it sumerism, selected few elite benefiting from others. It started from sumarian structure for civilization. Government, religion, public companies all have elite ripping off others with excessively benefit.


” A General Electric Co engineer said he resigned 35 years ago over concern about the safety of a nuclear reactor design used in the now crippled Fukushima”

If accident happened in usa, GE would been bankrupt.

  1. Very faulty design and unconcerned about safety
  2. GE(were expert) and built it at that location
  3. Faulty procedure.
  4. etc.

If accident was in usa, GE would be bankrupt.


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