Bodyshaping works to some extent.
Most of fat in G7 nations are cow oil(lard/butter etc) stored in stomach/butt/thighs.  Ones stored in boobs are just known as nice big boob unless sagging badly lol.  Cow fat require higher temperature to liquidity than other oils(think of white trim of raw steak vs vegetable oil).
Exercise, hot sauna/bath. massage, etc. helps liquidity, HOWEVER excessive calories will put fat back where genetic place them. This is where bodyshaping helps since extra pressure will make fat harder to resettle.
I would say it is best to ware what amazon list as FIRM shapewear which are not extremely tight, but rather like thicker leggings which should be somewhat comfortable but know some pressure assistance is there.
Other than that, it also help sagging.
As for boobs, I would say support is needed and don’t use padding to show more cleavage since that will probably cause boobs to eventually become saggy.  Bottom/side support with lose bra probably help fat to get to boobs.
Other than that, some women(especially over weight) does not have enough hormone for hourglass shape so take estrogen supplement or eat things that contain them.


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