Obama is a hero who was scapegoat but were able to save the world from great depression.  2013 baton was passed to Abe.
World need strong dollar so that conned-sumer spending will increase and economies will not be so weak.  Where USA banks got busted trying to manipulate currency market years ago in europe and recently in united kingdom, japan succeeded and manipulating dollar higher.
Abe made a strategic move in 2014 for early reelection and easily won.  Ise shrine is in 20 year prosper cycle since 2013 and stocks are up huge.  It is either 1000 years of manipulation or self fulfilling prophecy.  Russia/chinese military aggression plus BRICS stopped USA from pressuring Japan to not to develop and selling military hardware.  China/S Korea started newly intensified campaign of Japan bashing after Aoyama disclosed there are huge metanhydrate and potential for normal gas/oil around oceans of japan.
Printing money is wonderful. Japan has powerful Kuroda bazooka.  Japan can PRINT money rather than borrow since it does not have things like private Federal Researve bank that profiteer from the deficit. Japan cannot default on debt since it can PRINT money and NOT owe foreign currency. Government debt is just providing a safe place for Japanese bank savings.  Any time Japan wants, it can manipulate yen higher by dumping some of us$1trillion it have.
World need to bypass things like greedy evil PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank that profiteers from the deficit. World should coordinate world wide PRINTING of money to reduce each country’s debt such as PRINT money at 5% of gdp level for all countries.  It seems Europe is printing in 2015.
Other than that, recession fear might theoretically be scare tactic japanese government must use to get nuclear plants approval from more locals.

Evil greedy globalists got together with fake oppressive chinese communists in 1970s and made money by virtual slavery at $0.10/hour wages.  Globalist owns chinese oil companies and profiteered from $10/barrel contract while people of rich iraq got poor and usa deficit became huge.

Unrealistic but what is really needed is world wide asset based tax of around 1-2% and income based tax of around 30% after only standard deduction and no other tax deductions. Taxing unrealized gain by taxing assets are very important since BILLIONARE does not need to use much of unrealized gains plus they have shelters. It is not realistic since evil connected rich are the ones have influence in making laws.  Military/police/banks etc. are protecting their asset at huge expense which they are not paying fair amount for.

Now that china have money, fake oppressive chinese communist started to show true color and got aggressive about 1000 year china dream to takeover the world. Meanwhile it want to take half within 100 years and moon in few years.

China/S Korea started newly intensified campaign of Japan bashing with lies and distortion after Aoyama disclosed there are huge metanhydrate and potential for normal gas/oil around oceans of japan.  They try hard to push lies in effort to steal island from japan and asia.  Senkaku is NOT contested any more than mainland china can be contested by Zhou decedent living in Japan.  Some native american can claim ownership of USA, but USA is not contested land lol.
Google “real7777 wordpress nemoto guningtou” to find out how japanese saved ROC/Taiwan from fake oppressive communist.
Taiwan sent $200m for fukishima disaster(more than USA). Japan will EASILY win war with china.  All Japan has to say is Japan will do best to freeze all assets from fake oppressive communists world wide and distribute to other chinese. I would like to see fake communist sent to labor camp, but you can bet that communists will be 殺千刀(death by 1000 torture cuts) by rest of oppressed chinese.

Basically Abe want to change ONE major thing in constitution.   Due to ILLEGAL(by international standard) interference by GHQ american occupation, japan technically are not allowed to have any force including defense.  So Abe want to change it so it can defend allies and participate in UN fully
For example, Japan want to help USA ship if china attack it even though Japan itself is not attacked.
Without this change, hard to form strong alliances since it does not make sense for other country to want it if they have to help defend japan but japan cannot help until japan get attacked.  This will also function as deterrent for china not to provoke japan.
Due to “War Guilt Information Program” espionage ,only distorted propaganda/lies were taught about japan to world including in japan.
google “real7777 wordpress Atrocity USA” or  “real7777 wordpress comfort”


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