Haplogroup gene

Haplogroup is ancestral study of genetic of pure male(Y) or pure female(mitochondrial). Each study only represent 0.1% of ancestories after 200 years(10 generations) 1/(2^10)= 0.1%. So only 0.2% chance for small group to leave a trace in 200 years.    Haplogroup genetic studies cannot disprove ancestry after 2nd generations since it only represent pure male or pure female ancestries only. Father’s mother and mother’s father side of genetics are not represented at all. There are 23 chromosome pair plus mitochondria so it is 1/47 or approximately 2%. Y haplogroup study only represent about 2% of genetics which are pass on in male. Basically it show who was father->father-father->father->… Mitochondrial Hapogroup represent about 2% too and mother->mother->mother->mother->…

Sometimes haplogroup studies are misused to give false impression.

Out of Africa theory means toba volcano wiped out most of things 72kyp and all descendent of black African or plus 4% neanderthal(or slight variant).

Northern Japanese, Tibetan, and Negrito(look similar to pure African pygmy) from Andamanese islands in India all have fairly similar Y haplogroup D but can look different. These studies are good for general migration trend, but it will miss small migration mix in with large population. Things like ruling class that brought metal and technology might not show after few hundred years. Anyway, 72kyp there was toba volcano eruption and extinction event around equator. Eventually re-population from various routes. In about 10-20 whole chromosome study will be done and things like intelligence/height/lighter skin/higher testosterone level etc. will probably prove likely genetic influence from middle east (Jew/Persia etc.) Perhaps higher testosterone or temper/anger gene is shared by scythian, korean, jewish Simeon tribe, japanese burakunin.

East Asia Ruler Class Migration Speculation

Japan Origin Speculation

  • 1) 30kyp Pre-jomon by bangladish type
  • 2) 15kyp Jomon (hmong/mia type)
  • 3) Chinese pottery and symbol to Middle East 8kp
  • 4) Middle East Sumer have empire structure, metal, writing,pottery, mason, etc
  • 5) 5-6kyp kikai caldela and mini iceage bottleneck(haplogroup D survival)
  • 6) Middle East technology, merchant etc. come back to china in various waves
  • 7) 2200-3000yp Yayoi shang refugee and others
  • 8) Wa (zhou wu refugee,wu=wo=wa,gokuryeo)
  • 9) Silla/Gaya rules were found by Hogong(Wa)
  • 10) Hata (qing refugee=baekje)
  • 11) Asuka (Soga=so-gaya, Persepolis technology)
  • 12) All kind of interaction with korea

Anyway, small merchant or refugee type jewish migration pre-silk road and silk-road is possible and likely. Things like extra intelligence are very hard to come by by natural selection. In fact it is very critical part of humans. Similarly, pottery took 2 million years and it is not going to get reinvented. So migration from middle east and back and forth after few hundred or thousand years are very likely and not impossible.

Y haplogroup migration map 72kyp


2015-11-28 summarizing what I been saying for few years

What’s most important for human is brain but Haplogroup only study virus gene and male sex gene.  So different studies emphasizing intelligence are needed to study human migration.  I would guess that 10-20 years needed for more detailed to see which genes affect intelligence.

I have been saying that most important feature of human is intelligence and neanderthal 4% contribution was key leap.  When both were isolated and independently had evolution for long period, it could have developed different things that made combining great.
For example if brain was width times height area,  if one side developed larger with and other developed larger height and combined area have huge gains…. in some of combo.


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