Computer Intelligence

Computers will design ever smarter computers and within few decades, smartphone size. Self replicating computer/factory can be made from just about any material including carbon(graphine). It make sense for computer being to make factory in moon and from there spread to rest of solar system. This happened in less than 100 years in Earth. Similar things should happen in other part of universe. If some smart computer being that can invent smarter computer being, why would they bother with humans lol.
Manned space program and searching for aliens are total waste.
By Tokyo Olympic in 2020, there will be self driving cars on road. Ridiculous liability awards make it impractical in USA for a while.
Within 10-20 years, we all want to be a cyborg too. Simple microchip will eliminate wallet, watch, credit card, smart phone, etc. Eventually direct visual link that bypasses the eye.
There’s developments in neural chip, self learning, rram, graphine, quantum computer, etc. as well as analog computer is possible.  Even though brute force approach in unnecessary, there’s already transistor down to about 4 more generations of shrink though financially might not be possible.  Vertical stacking is already exist for flash/rram so chances are few hundred layers possible by 2025.  I would expect 16 core 1cmx1cm chip with few gigabytes.  So over 10 times improvement in brute force.  It is likely that over 1000 times improvement over current brute force supercomputer vs future computer optimized for intelligence by 2025.
As for first one, top supercomputer currently uses 18 megawatt so few megawatts are fine lol.  Brain uses like 18 watt and someone can lose 1/2 of brain and functions so my guess is only about 2 watt is needed for intelligence.  Siri uses about 2 watt, IBM Watson uses 200kw.
There’s already speech/face/finger print/item recondition algorithms etc.
All these things are converging….2025
There’s lots negative fear promoted for singularity since ultra rich will likely to lose out when computer will expose the truth and try to help everyone more fairly.
While on the subject of current distribution of wealth. Millions of humans are placed in concentrated refugee camp etc. as well as starve to death because others don’t want them to migrate and cause standard of living to go down. People are irrational and don’t care about millions dying of starving, but make big deal about animal, environment, health or death of very few.
What really needed is birth control but religion and globalists are against it since it reduced potential money.
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One thought on “Computer Intelligence

  1. real7777 February 7, 2016 / 2:08 am

    A New Kind of Computer Chip Could Soon Make Your Smartphone Way More Powerful

    And it could save you some battery too. ​
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    By Eric Limer
    Feb 5, 2016

    Your smartphone is already pretty smart. Chances are it has a GPU (for graphics) and a CPU (for everything else) packed into its tiny microchip brain. Those two parts alone make it more powerful than entire desktop PCs from only a decade or so ago, but a new kind of chip developed by MIT could take your pocket supercomputer even farther into the future.

    The new chip is called “Eyeriss” and in a lot of ways its quite similar to a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Like a GPU, it has a whole bunch of processing cores, and is very good at multitasking. That is to say, it can process a whole bunch of different points of data at the same time unlike a CPU (Central Processing Unit) which tends to tackle its calculations one at a time.

    But if Eyeriss is just like a GPU, what do you need it for? The answer is deep-learning. Deep-learning systems like neural networks—a artificial intelligence strategy that amounts to building robot brains that can learn—are a great way to accomplish complex tasks that are very easy for humans but very hard for computers. Tasks like image recognition, speech decoding, predictive text, and other software features that learn over time.

    The GPU in your phone can already chew on projects like these, and it’s relatively good at them. Neural networks work by pouring over the data multiple times in different ways, so that ability to multitask comes in super handy. The catch is that, most of the time, your phone’s GPU needs to be busy doing graphics stuff. Which is where Eyeriss could help.

    Not only would Eyeriss help out by being an additional hand on deck, it would also be better at these tasks thanks to chunks of memory that would hide directly inside the chip and an architecture that would let the chip’s different nodes talk to each other directly instead of everything having to squeeze through one pipeline.

    In short, a chip like Eyeriss could give your phone the power to look through its camera and recognize things around it in real time without chewing through your battery. Moreover, chips like these could make their way into industrial robots, cars, whatever you can imagine, and give them the computational horsepower they would need use the most advanced AI technology we have right now.

    Other chipmakers like Nvidia and Qualcomm are working on similar tech, as well they should be; if it can be made for relatively cheap, these sort of chips could give even the smallest devices untold computational power. It’ll just be a matter of finding great ways to use it.

    Source: MIT News via The Verge

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