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Korea doctor graphS Korea is becoming closer and closer to oppressive fake communist in china.  Speaking the positive truth about japan/n korea is against the law. S korean chief of Japanese new paper were arrested when paper republish in japan rumors that were published in S korea too.
China/S Korea started newly intensified campaign of Japan bashing with lies, hate, and distortion after Aoyama disclosed there are huge metanhydrate and potential for normal gas/oil around oceans of japan.   There are 500,000 chinese working for 50 cent army who do cyber espionage and oppression.  Korean VANK cyber japan bashing group are financed by korea and china. They try hard to push lies in effort to steal island from japan and asia. “congratulation fukushima” “japan sink(to bottom of ocean)” “wipe japan from face off earth with nuke”

With internet, freedom of information act, and japan bashing, the suppressed truth is coming out.
Due to “War Guilt Information Program” espionage by USA, only distorted propaganda/lies were taught about japan.  When the truth is told, it get labeled as revisionist/right winger by those who want to perpetuate lies or those naive people who grew up believing such propaganda/lies.
USA, Japan, Korea China etc. used a military prostitution and had atrocities.
Korean scholars on comfort women scholarsinenglish.blogspot.jp
2014 American journalist Michael Yon concluded koreans lied.
1) 2007 report for german/japan war crimes, USA spent $30m,7 years, and went through 8million pages, NO evidence.
2) Korean claims 200,000 abducted sex slave, Michael says there is NO evidence of Korean men fighting to prevent it.
Direct quote google “real7777 wordpress michael yon”
Korean scholars on comfort women scholarsinenglish.blogspot.jp
Google my blog for details, pictures etc.  It also has lots links to wiki, youtube, and other truth.




Japan–Korea Treaty of 1876 started to modernize korea slowly.
1910 annexations(unlike west colonization) help Korea become part of Japan similar to Okinawa. It help modernize Korea with huge investments probably equivalent today us$1 trillion : population 13million to 26 million; literacy 4% to 60%; life expectancy 24 to 56; abolish slavery; reduced crime; 500 million plants; pay $40 to $80; opportunity for a good jobs(doctor,dentist etc); Koreans celebrated in street when Japan won battles;

In 1965, japan gave equivalent of US$1 trillion today which Korea’s president used for modernization. History is written by the winners. Distorted propaganda were taught as a part of divide and conquer technique by USA and later used by Korean/China regimes to deflect attention away from their evil doings. http://wp.me/P43M0E-2H USA, Japan, Korea etc used a military prostitution and had atrocities. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_war_apology_statements_issued_by_Japan Japan also frequently apologized since even paid prostitution is bad in today’s over sensitive views. Even TODAY, there are 1 million Korean prostitutes forced by debt and Korean traffickers. https://real7777.wordpress.com/war/comfort-women Koreans need to learn true less biased history. All the bad things usa, south korea, north korea, china, joseon did was just as bad or worse. For example during korean war, south korean and usa solders used “kill’em all” including children. Not just north korean but including south korean suspected of communism, but sometimes not even questioned first. Truth_and_Reconciliation_Commission_South_Korea

Joseon was nasty placed to be with 40% slaves and literacy was 4% since rulers thought it will cause up rise. Yanbans were like 1 million Kin Jong Un. Yanban stole and killed at whim without being punished. There were external struggle, mainly china, russa, japan. Joseon had many internal struggle between king, modernizer, farmer and various faction requested help from outside. Japan won sino-japan war and Korea became independent from China. Without japan, south korea would be like Philipine(usa influence), north korea (Russian inference), Vietnam(French). If you look at youtube korea before after etc and (sarcastic title)nazi part 3/3, you will find that lots jobs with graphs showing increase like modern doctor, dentist etc. Korean VANK propaganda machine trolls spams youtube with cosmetic surgery to block people from viewing the truth. You can look at pictures before after, it is lots pictures so don’t need to read. Taiwan and Korea were part of japan and did not get treated that bad and opportunities were there. Elite korean/taiwanese had japanese name and learned japanese. Most of police in korea were koreans too. I would say blacks in usa were more discriminated at that time. Korea’s first president Rhee Syngman recorded his nationality as Japanese. In fact Koreans/Taiwanese were part of Japanese army and civilians celebrated on street when Japan win battles.

Park Chung-hee(father of current Korean president) was born poor, but became officer in JAPANESE elite army and became south Korean leader 1961-1979. In 1965, he ask japan for help and japan provided over us$800 million in settlement and aid which was about twice south korean budget(today us$1 trillion). By his choice, he used it for modernized rather than compensate people.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_on_Basic_Relations_between_Japan_and_the_Republic_of_Korea http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korea_under_Japanese_rule#Anti-Chinese_riots_of_1931 Anti-Chinese riots of 1931 by koreans who killed chinese in korea is one another proof that koreans weren’t treated that bad. https://real7777.wordpress.com/war/korea-annexation

People should learn real history and gain fairly balanced perception based on what all countries did. Ignoring(or ignorant of) own country or race and judging other is a form of racism. https://real7777.wordpress.com/war/pearl-harbor-truth In 1919 League of Nation, Japan “ Racial Equality Proposal” and ends in colonialism but USA blocked it. USA planned to fight japan but did not have public support so it provoked japan every which way. Japan reluctantly attacked USA which was occupying Hawaii. MacArthur was racist like most whites back then but even he realized the truth. https://real7777.wordpress.com/war/usa-ghq-occupation/macarthur/

Korea before and after japan text and picture website


Japan’s annexation of Korea 1910-1945 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xWot6Ld5Gk

“Korea And Her Neighbors” by Isabella Lucy Bird Bishop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bfEJz25fdQ


Korea and Her Neighbors:Isabella Bird “I shrink from describing intra-mural Seoul. I thought it the foulest city on earth till I saw Peking, and its smells the most odious, till I encountered those of Shao-shing !”


In 1904, an American by the name of Angus Hamilton visited Korea. After doing so, he wrote a book about his experiences. He said of Korea, “The streets of Seoul are magnificent, spacious, clean, admirably made and well-drained. The narrow, dirty lanes have been widened, gutters have been covered, roadways broadened. Seoul is within measurable distance of becoming the highest, most interesting and cleanest city in the East.” He continued on to say, “Seoul was the first city in East Asia to have electricity, trolley cars, water, telephone and telegraph systems all at the same time.” Much of this was thanks to trade with the United States. Seoul Electric Company, Seoul Electric Trolley Company and Seoul Fresh Spring Water Company were all US owned.

Endangered Japan: Book2: Sex, Lies, and Comfort Women http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLyKJsbw4G4

Mostly about korean copycat even snack Endangered Japan: Book1: A Cultural War http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zPhBFEizzA

Various video proof defending japan http://www.youtube.com/user/GloriousJapanForever?feature=watch

Korea before and after


Various video providing defense to japan from false accusations playlist

Demythologization of the myth of the Comfort Women: Part1. What actually happened


Pro Japan page about economics etc of annexation http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~korea-su/korea-su/e.korea/korea-problem/japan%20ruied.html


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