Korea Prostitution

Koreans need to study their own history to put things in proper fair perspective. America and Korean government conspire to teach distorted history to keep japan weak, sort of divide and conquer technique. So Koreans learn distorted stories of japan, and do not even know about Korean, American, or Chinese atrocities. There’s also greedy people trying to sensationalize and make money.

Prostitution went on in Korea before, during, and after Japanese annexation. Back then, indenture prostitution(until debt is paid back) was very common in Japan and Asia for very poor starving people.

There are korean recruiters, brokers, traffickers etc.

Here’s video of newspaper clippings about tricks and abduction by korean brokers who sold girls to china (like they been doing for hundreds of years) during japanese annexation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xWot6Ld5Gk

Even today, koreans and american have like 4-10 times rape and violent climes of japan.

As for comfort station by japan, you can go read my other blog under “japan”. Also check out blog under “korea before and after”.

USA used Prostitutes_in_South_Korea_for_the_U.S._military prostitute station in South Korea.

Even after the war, Korea promoted prostitution trip to the Korea to earn foreign currency. Look at prostitution section of wiki. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kisaeng Even today there are functionally indenture prostitutes in word, but exceptionally huge in korea. The cause is debt/drugs/pimp/third world/casting couch/ etc. There are like 50,000 korean visiting prostitutes in japan. 90% of prostitutes arrested in Los Angels were korean who often work in korean owned massage parlors with japanese name.
“Korean Feminist Association alleged that from 514,000 to 1.2 million Korean women participate in the prostitution industry “





Here’s various atrocity committed by south koreans against koreans.

Korea was weak because lame joseon kings did not want education for farmers etc. as well as internal and external fighting.


Koreans were known as brute during ww2 and vietnam.   Koreans raped in vietnam too as well as other atrosty. There’s like 20,000+ half korean children.  Don’t know how much was paid prostitution though.


korean reality blog



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