Korean War

Histories are written by the winners. There’s all kind of fabrication, distortion, double standard, hypocrisy etc. Here’s example of Untold Korean War Truth:

President Harry S. Truman describe Korean War as a “police action“. At the Potsdam Conference (July–August 1945), the Allies unilaterally decided to divide Korea—without consulting the Koreans—in contradiction of the Cairo Conference.

South Korean and usa solders used “kill’em all” including children.



USA, Japan, Korea,etc used a military prostitution.


Korea war comfort women. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jlfAqR8uBc

1953 “The debts of Yanggongju(Comfort women for US solders) go on increasing under evil manages, no matter how hard they work.”

1961 “The registration of Comfort Women for the United Nation soldiers started”

1969 “Comfort Women. All their earnings go to manager’s hands”

Korean war had armistice but Kim Jong Un canceled in 2013, so technically war still going on.


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