N Korea KimJongUn

North korea’s Kim Jong-un is very evil smart powerful man. He got european education and honorary economics doctorate from malaysian university. I thought what the hell but then few month later it was revealed that he got russian to build rail way to port in east china sea. He used synergy to build road with army. He is building amusement park. Probably for china and russa but others that can live on danger can go there too. Some website claims his family is worth us$5 billion.

So I think he probably have firm control of north koreans with japanese residents(spies?). He probably have profiteer from japanese drug, prostitution, gambling(pachinko parlor is 80% ethnic korean). I think he benefit from softbank too.

Of course there was execution of ex-girl friend over making porn was very evil. This send clear message not to violate any law such as taking picture or saying things that criticize north korea. Or if there’s some sex involved in north korea, shut up or face severe punishment.

Until this year, I thought north korea will be absolved by south. But I think north korea will out last fake communist china and I see potential north more than south. I think north korea’s potato strategy to ward off starvation and global warming helped. Other than that, he canceled armistice thus north korea and usa/south korea is still at war. He cunningly calculate and even threat usa with nuclear strike and get away with it.

Since there’s not much snow in South Korea, it is possible that they might even have part of winter Olympics there or Japan.

Anyway, I think it would be strategic to retire old and bring in more younger generation who were educated in modern schools. Of course having YES MAN(10 years of very harsh hardship) will be good for few years.

All solders of korean wars are war criminals. Even usa used “kill’em all” including children atrocity. By releasing a war criminal, he shows to the world he is in control and there’s no grudge from past. He is trying to promote tourism, so it implies that everyone who does not break rules are safe.

USA has always had huge spy and espionage branch. Chances are Kenneth Bae is a spy or took a unauthorized picture or supported some anti north korea etc. I just looked in wiki and I was right. So N korea’s standard, he should been executed but he can be used for future negotiations.

Jang has probably power struggled, lean too much on chinese side, cheated on aunty(thus make Un loses face), drug(responsible for drug export or scape goat), or responsible for execution of ex-gf or whatever else. Executing jang also clears any doubt about who is in control.


One thought on “N Korea KimJongUn

  1. real7777 September 23, 2017 / 2:00 pm

    Dotard tramp started name calling; threat; military exercise in korea which potentially attacked. This is on top of potential china/russian threats. China want oil/gas/fish/unpolluted land/water. Russia wants unfrozen port access. Kim’s life depends on nuke so pointless to talk about it. First thing to do is apologize and end Korean war which have been going on over 60 years without reference to nuke. After long period of trust building then talk about iran type of deal. Anything else is unrealistic. Look what happened to relatively moderate libya, egypt, iraq, syria. Even iran is relative moderate with democracy.
    If kim is attacked, Seoul pointed by N Korea’s 15,000 howitzer/missile will be destroy by 100,0000 bombs; million death;nuke USA bases; spied attack. If kim die, land grab and chaos; WW3; civil war. Unelected Kim and officers are responsible, so absolutely no reason for USA to threaten NK civilian.
    N Korea bluff of nuke testing on pacific ocean exposes USA atrocity of INTENTIONAL radiation fallout test on Micronesians in south pacific.
    real7777.wordpress.com (100 topic with 400 links)
    Greedy sociopath dotard tramp cutoff hot water to get rent control tenant out. Anti-American takes away “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” from people.  Dotard started name calling; threat; military exercise at korea; Tramp weakened USA and can’t even freeze kim’s foreign assets. If it was boxing so far kim is winning 4:0 rounds. lol
    North sympathizer lunatic Moon is sending $8m in aids.
    Kim have 5000 strong cyber hackers; spies in NS korea, china, japan, USA etc. .. Kim’s life is always in danger so he kills any threats and smartly surviving perhaps only way possible and probably get killed fast if no nuke.
    N korea need some deterrent for china since china would want to take oil/gas by NK sea. Chinese communist don’t trust NE china since there are millions of ethnic koreans etc. who might want nuke from N korea, so does Iran and Saudi.
    N Korean female defectors are often tricked and become sex/bride slave in china.
    In Korean/Vietnam War, USA/S Korean sometimes used Kill’em all including gun down babies. Around 4 million mostly civilian died in Korean war. USA/S Korean raped and forced N korean/vietnam/Jeju women into prostitution. S korean women too was virtual slave since korean government took away all the dollars. Koreans raped like 200,000 and resulted in 20-30k babies left behind in Vietnam known as Lai Daihan.
    Some estimate Allies raped 3 million in Germany, Japan, France; Koreans raped/killed 200,000 Japanese civilians after WW2. S Korea had Korean War prostitutes(yankonju) and took all foreign currency and gave prostitute very little. What’s unbelievable is these broke S Korean war hero ex-prostitutes are being evicted from base town.
    N korea abducted Japanese young women in 1970s. Few hundred suspected dozen confirmed. My guess is remainders were brainwashed, tortured, raped, killed, or sold to china as sex slave etc. (2016)American David Sneddon was kidnapped in China to teach Kim English.
    Today,”HellKorea” saying is a fad in Korea. Only 50% college graduate find a job. 100,000 korean foreign prostitutes. 500,000 S korean high school girl “wonjo gyoje” prostitution. S korea have 7 times serious crime rate and 14 times rape rate of japan.
    Comfort prostitute was well paid, ate well, and bought luxury items 1944 USA war report. Some Korean recruiters tricked. Former prostitute(some korean war) lies to get 10 times retirement benefit. Big chunk of comfort women donations go to N Korea. Koreans are racist and discriminate on basis of skin, region, job, clan, country, etc.
    Japan annexation modernized and IMPROVED lives in Korea/Taiwan with huge investments LOSS(road,dam,water,sewage,6000 schools,hospital,rail,590million plants) and provided law; brought DEMOCRACY; population 13 million to 26 million; literacy 4% to 60%; life expectancy 24 to 56; abolish slavery; reduced crime(reduced rape abduction etc too); opportunity for a good jobs(doctor,dentist,governor,police etc); revived hangul
    Joseon(old Korea) was tributary state to qing/china and sent castrated eunuch and young virgin sex slave girls. Even Seoul had straw roof and people pooped on street like a dogs. Korean still drink Ttongsul poop alcohol.

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