USA GHQ Occupation Japan occupied by USA GHQ occupation forced pacifist constitution to Japan and gave Koreans Allies status in Japan.. “War Guilt Information Program” spread propaganda and controlled media/ history/ books/ schools/ police/ etc. Media control was similar to communist media control of China today. History is written by the winners and false/biased history was taught in Japan and Korea to make it easier for USA to control using divide and conquer strategy. Only propaganda were published. Even professors were removed from colleges and replace with those willing to side with the propaganda. Even today, influences remain and Japanese medias are anti-Japan to large extent.  It become convenient tool for propaganda machines such as Chinese “50 cents army”, Korean VANK, USA(too big/smart to have a name?) etc.

When Japan try to change the distorted history from text, Korea and China complain as well as west seems to think it is right wing revision.

Racist west colonized Africa, Asia, and Americas. At League of Nations, Japan proposed end of colonization and in 1919 “The Racial Equality Proposal was a proposal put forward at the Paris Peace Conference“ “The chairman, President Wilson(USA), overturned it, saying that although the proposal had been approved by a clear majority, that in this particular matter, strong opposition had manifested itself, and that on this issue a unanimous vote would be required. “

USA planned to fight japan but did not have public support so it provoked Japan every which way. Japan reluctantly attacked USA which was occupying Hawaii.

  • . USA financed, trained, and supplied china.
  • . USA flying tigers with 100 fighters.
  • . USA plan to use 100 bombers with Chinese uniform, last moment bombers were diverted to England.
  • . Blockade, sanctions, and freezing of assets.
  • . USA created and adjusted orange and rainbow plan to fight japan.
  • . Hull note demanding immediate withdraw from everything(written by Soviet spy)

New book just published “Operation White” reviles other Soviet spy wanted USA to attack japan too.

People should learn real history and gain fairly balanced perception based on what all countries did. Ignoring(or ignorant of) own country or race and judging other is a form of racism. USA, Japan, Korea,etc had a military prostitution and atrocities.

Atrocity by USA

  • . USA raped 50,000 just in first month occupying japan;
  • . village in Okinawa where USA GI’s raped every woman, girl, and child;
  •   Some estimate Allies raped 2 million rapes in Germany, 1-2 million in Japan, and France after D-day.  It is easy to believe since Center for Disease Control estimates over 1.3 million rapes per year in USA today.
  • . WW2 USA indiscriminate bombing probably killed 100,000 Filipinos just in Manila
  • . USA used women and children as guerrilla yet propaganda only state Japanese killed civilians;
  • . USA killed Japanese solders after they surrender;
  • . Racist USA solders often took Japanese skull as a souvenir, 60% were missing in some area;
  • . In Korean War, USA “kill’em all” including kids;

Human experiment by USA

Allies(and Koreans) were given immunity from a Japanese law. Lawlessness occurred (worse than Mexican gang situation today.) Due to immunity, organized Koreans killed, raped, looted, and even raided police station. Part of reason Japanese yakuza still have power is due to fact Japanese yakuza fought these Korean criminals thus became hero to some towns. This was part of reason police were lenient toward yakuza for long period.

USA solders had virtual immunity from prosecution in Korea until relatively recently too. This is part of reason why Korean PSY rapper had one of lyric “kill yankee and their family”

MacArthur was racist like most whites back then but even he realized the truth.


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