Solution is to send refugee back to Syria and force rebels to make peace with Assad then draft/train to fight ISIL. Make them defend themselves. Bombing ISIS and not expecting retaliation is stupid.  World should get serious and use FULL military plus cut off oil money.  Arab spring made things 10 times worse.
Religion  Sumer  Globalist    ISIL and Putin

Bush lied and attacked Iraq. Rich Iraq got poor and USA poor too while globalist owned chinese oil companies profiteered from Iraqi $10/barrel contract. Israel’s 77% of oil come from Iraq.  Chinese oil companies were buying Iran oil for cheap too since sanctions prevented others. Chances are they buy from ISIS too.
Backing rebel in Syria was/is a MISTAKE unless something specific that world does not know existed.

Remember, muslims(rightfully) see iraq war and million death as white crime against humanity.  Assassination using drone is bad enough, and white say collateral damage. Muslim see it as crime against humanity.  If bush got bombed and few people around got killed, do whites see it as collateral damage? I don’t think so.
So send them back while you can, once their kids become citizens, you cannot.

USA espionage and trained saddam and taliban as well as had influence in destabilizing by pushing arab spring.  Iran have best democracy and moderate people.
USA trained baath terrorists overthrow elected socialist in Iraq and one of member Saddam eventually became dictator.  Unexpectedly under Saddam Iraq flourished with standard of living going up with free education and health system.  He was MODEST muslim and christan/jews had no problems.  He did kill some rebels, but way less than whites killed in iraq/afghan after him gone.  Irony is evil oppressive saudi is now worrying about coup. USA/Saudi tricked saddam into attacking iran.  USA sold diagonally drilling technology company to Kuwait who stole iraq oil. USA tricked again by by saying usa will not interfere which caused iraq to attack the thief.  And of course 10 years later bush control by globalist lied and attacked iraq and globalist owned chinese oil companies profiteered with $10/barrel oil contract while rich country of iraq became poor and usa does not see the money from oil too.  And israel get 77% of oil from iraq now.
google “real7777 arab”
Afghanistan was in similar situation as Syria now.  USA CIA trained taliban terrorist/rebel/freedom fighter to fight soviet.  Soviet gave up and left Afghan and Taliban took over.  After 911, usa attacked Afghan and claimed taliban used opium as financial source. After taliban retreated to pakistan, 10 times as much opium is grown now.  USA had to over look since Afghan had nothing else to sell lol.
Osama’s main concern was evil oppressive saudi.  USA tried to assassinate him 6 times and failed BEFORE 911.
Bush let osama’s that were in USA go before any investigation which make them owe bush favors.
Mean while 2 guys with Urban Moving System van celebrated 911.  People reported, but it turn out they were israel mossad agent and whole company closed and allowed to go israel.
Of course there were short sell in stock market before.  Investigation was probably not reveled because Bush  globalist clonies were the ones selling.  Bush knew imminent terrorist attack.  Only question is if he actually knew details or not.
Of course chaney kept Halliburton  oil/war merchant stock option and $1m residual pay per year.  I think he made like $100 million or more on these stock option with excuse that it is for charity(which can be used as future tax deduction).
Globalist oil/war merchant profiteered.  Private Federal Reserve Bank profiteers from deficit.


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