Solution is to send refugee back to Syria and force rebels to make peace with Assad then draft/train to fight ISIS. Make them defend themselves. Bombing ISIS and not expecting retaliation is stupid.  World should get serious and use FULL military plus cut off oil money.  Arab spring made things 10 times worse.
Religion  Sumer  Globalist

Bush lied and attacked Iraq. Rich Iraq got poor and USA poor too while globalist owned chinese oil companies profiteered from Iraqi $10/barrel contract. Israel’s 77% of oil come from Iraq.  Chinese oil companies were buying Iran oil for cheap too since sanctions prevented others. Chances are they buy from ISIS too.
Backing rebel in Syria was/is a MISTAKE unless something specific that world does not know existed.

Remember, muslims(rightfully) see iraq war and million death as white crime against humanity.  Assassination using drone is bad enough, and white say collateral damage. Muslim see it as crime against humanity.  If bush got bombed and few people around got killed, do whites see it as collateral damage? I don’t think so.
So send them back while you can, once their kids become citizens, you cannot.

Sumer cradle of civilization was origin of all major religions and empire structures.  Greedy elite made up stories/lies to unite people. Drought made them spread around the world(Babylon.)  Became King = khan= Kanger= kang= kagan= stone= ancient etc.

The solution is birth control but greedy globalist and religion are against it since it reduced potential money.