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I am a Chinese who studies China for a living, and it is becoming more and more apparent to many people, that the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) knows it is on its last straw of survival.

The party is facing severe and increasing systematic stress on all fronts:

1. Increasing external oppositions from all other countries in the world, forming more and more alliances and becoming more outspoken with rising strengths against China, as well as increasing anti-China sentiment from people in all other countries.

2. Increasing internal severe and massive violent social unrest and anti-CCP mutiny from people of all Chinese living places e.g. mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Macau etc. To suppress internal dissent, the CCP every year is forced to spend even more money than on its massive military budget. This is continuously worsened by the free flow of information, with Chinese people knowing more and more from travelling abroad and learning about truths from jumping beyond the “Great Fire Wall” on the internet.

3. Fierce and unstoppable purges and mutually-destructive infighting among different factions within the party, who are imprisoning and killing each other every day. This power grab goes on under the thin guise of “anti-corruption drive” when everyone knows all officials in china are corrupted.

4. Its own economy never able to develop to higher level beyond mass skill-less manufacturing, due to complete absence of law and common morals. High technology and innovations and scientific development all require citizens working together long term in a system they trust, with things like rule of law, no restrictions on speech and expression, copyrights, patents, common morals when collaborating and trading with each other etc. These qualities are all destroyed in modern China by the CCP. When was the last time you heard an announcement of technology development or innovations or scientific breakthrough coming from a Chinese organization or company or university? You haven’t because there ain’t any. The only way modern China gets these things is from stealing and spying from all other countries, but that has become much more difficult since the whole world has caught on to their act.

5. China’s mass skill-less manufacturing itself is going away to other countries due to increasing costs and openly hostile and unfair business environment full of frauds and government robberies. This is worsened by the rise of robotic automatic manufacturing and 3D printing. This is a death knock to the “growth-based legitimacy” of the CCP, which is the only thing CCP can rely on for continuing ruling power. The CCP is on its last resort of printing literally trillions of worthless renminbi to dump into the economy, causing way more long-term harm than short-term help, and when that is over there is nothing else the CCP can do to prop up the failing economy.

6. Its many suppressed fatal problems have all grown too big to be contained all breaking out at the same time e.g.

– severe carcinogenic poisonous pollution everywhere in air and water and soil and their own food etc
– skyrocketing unrepayable bad debts of all kinds everywhere, its true scope unknown because all data from China are faked
– biggest housing bubble in human history, in addition to innumerous crumbling ghost cities and shoddily-built infrastructure that cannot and will not be used
– rapidly aging and gender-lopsided demographics (from one child policy, culture of “leftover women”, and all Chinese families killing their own daughters so as to chase boys)
– world’s no.1 wealth inequality, with a Gini coefficient rivalling 18th century France just before the French revolution
– complete absence of soft power and cultural/social influence
– all Chinese chasing foreign-brand goods and services while ditching low-quality poisonous Chinese-brands, dashing CCP’s hope to build domestic consumption economy
– corruptions and fraud throughout the whole rotten core of a system
– desperate mass exodus in all levels of Chinese society to escape the country using emmigration or studying abroad or marriage to foreigners or plain old human smuggling, resulting in all able Chinese leaving taking huge amounts of talents and money out of the country
– the law of large numbers and the “middle-income trap” all work against the “growth-based legitimacy” CCP desperately needs for its survival

Most importantly, the CCP knows that if 1.4 billion Chinese learn about basic human qualities such as morals, truth, fairness, human rights, rule of law, freedom, universal values etc the CCP will be toppled very quickly. Therefore its brainwashing education and propaganda machine ensure a complete lack of morals and regard for laws in all Chinese.

This results in failure in all basic aspects of human interactions with every modern Chinese, whether it is business trading / personal dealings / technoholgy development / creating innovations / human communications / scientific research / artistic expressions / teamwork collaborations / academic exchange etc.

All these festering fundamental systematic problems are getting worse and worse everyday until one day when the system can suddenly no longer bear. Think USSR in 1989.


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