Chinese Atrocity

Fake oppressive chinese communists are worst terrorist ever and under Mao genocide 30-80 million yet chinese still worship Mao.  Mao was child molester who had many under aged virgin girls. . Qing were manchu and after communist genocide manchu area became han majority similar to Tibet and Uighur are getting replaced by han.  Mao had to kill millions of EDUCATED Manchu who got used to good modern life under Japan.
Xi divorced and married pretty PR/singer who sang for soldiers that killed student at Tiananmin massacre.
Today, there are around 200,000 abduction per year in china plus 2nd child non-citizens and 3 million labor/sex/bride slaves in china and communities are ok with old chinese tradition. Organ transplants from Falun Gong prisoners.  Some estimate like 180,000 riot per year in China, mainly from communist stealing farms by giving them farm land price and selling at city/business price.  1.3 billion oppressed should topple fake communist/rich, become democracy, and world wide asset confiscated and redistributed. Communist should be sent to labor camp, but probably 殺千刀(death by 1000 torture cuts.)
google “real7777 mao”China is aggressive after military buildup and money.  Free world made a mistake dumping Taiwan and trading with fake oppressive communist that violate human right, genocide, torture, espionage, spies, counterfeit, steals patents, not democracy, pollute, endangers species, corrupt, lies, military/spy buildup, they are threat, invaded, etc.  1000 year China dream to dominate the world. According to OFFICIAL Chinese media(repeated in Wenweipo/chinanews中國未來50年裡必打的六場戰爭), China have “6 wars in 50 year” plan: Taiwan,Spratly Islands,Southern Tibet, Senkaku/Okinawa,Outer Mongolia,Russia. China money is buying influence. Chinese uses dirty ancient strategy of befriend and back stab plus salami/cabbage tactic(little by little tactic.) Chinese/Korean tactic of “Tell lies 100 times and become the truth.”  TPP gives globalist too much power but it is needed for China containment. China is corrupt and LIES, like 7% GNP when export are down 8% and import are down 19% etc. Companies also lies so Shanghai Index is a speculative ponzi pyramid bubble and worth less than 1500 fundamental value.
Ultra powerful evil greedy globalist influenced USA since their dirty PAC money which feed both political parties which is needed to get elected. Globalists and communists in 1970s colluded and created virtual slavery at $0.10/hour wages. Bush lied and attacked Iraq. Rich Iraq got poor and USA poor too while globalist owned chinese oil companies profiteered from Iraqi $10/barrel contract. Israel’s 77% of oil come from Iraq.  Chinese oil companies were buying iran oil for cheap too since sanctions prevented others.
Soft WW3 started with cyber war and currency war.  China’s Iron Tiger spies stole USA military/private company secrets already.  Petrodollar, currency war, oil war, BRICS(brazil,russia,china,s africa),  AIIB, kraine,ISIS,Yemen. Around 400,000 chinese 50 cent cyber army.  USA will destroying Russia/China economy that threaten petrodollar.