In Tungchow Mutiny(before Nanking), Chinese solders brutally massacred Japanese civilian; brooms in genital; severed heads of  waitresses; Chinese perpetrator raped the dead; the intestines was savagely taken out of the body;
Mao, Shek, and media did not complain/report much about Nanking because it was a fabricated propaganda.  Chinese Nationalist Party funded Harold John Timperley to write propaganda book “What War Means” about Nanking to vilify Japan this which used a few pictures from Tungchow Mutiny. In fact when japanese communist visited Mao, Mao told them he was thankful for weakening shek’s army. WW2 American propaganda film only mention “atrocity of indiscriminately bombing that killed 37k”
Iris Chang committed suicide(or killed) since she found out what she wrote was propaganda lie.
Google “real7777 nanking” for various link including ww2 usa propaganda video
Google “real7777 nemoto guningtoun battle” to find out how japanese saved ROC/Taiwan from fake oppressive communist.
. Numbers were lie.  There was around 200,000 population survey before and china claims 300,000 were killed. Taiwanese teacher recall over the years number changed.  Further more, immediately after population went up to 250,000 proving that chinese did NOT fear Japanese after incident.
. Chinese Nationalist Party funded Harold John Timperley to write propaganda book “What War Means” about Nanking to vilify Japan in hope of gaining support from the west.
. Picture from Tungchow Mutiny(before Nanking), atrocity committed by chinese on Japanese civilian.
. Many chinese were killed by chinese due to desertion.
. Many air raids so people that are able freed.  Many try to swim and drowned.
. Chinese communist spy was one of higher ranking.  He ordered blockage of exit gate.
. Chinese solders took off uniform which is violation and cause of losing any and all right
. Lots reporters were spies.
. Safe Zone had lots ununiformed solders deserter/terrorist and weapons which invalidate the zone.
. No other cities were claimed to be 300k atrocities etc.
. Tokyo trial mercilessly executed people for killing 1-2people.  Only 1 person was prosecuted for nanking.
. USA needed something bigger than nuke atrocity
In 1919 League of Nation, Japan “Racial Equality Proposal” and ends in colonialism but USA blocked it.  USA, Japan, Korea China etc. used a military prostitution and had atrocities, but only distorted propaganda/lies  that vilifies were japan taught to justify/hide Allie atrocities and past such as cruel white colonization of world(80% population reduction,slavery,chopping off hand for not bringing enough gold). Aggressive whites even tried to recolonize asia after ww2.
Here’s racist propaganda film made for military by a hollywood producer toward end of WW2.

At 27:22 mark, shooter was clipped out on execution scene with cut out to full screen japanese face with voice command added in. I saw some video few weeks ago claiming it was scene from a chinese film so, I think I am convinced it is fake.
Thirdly, at 28:00 there’s chinese walking around AFTER japanese occupying the area. So clearly, not EVERY chinese were killed.
Fourthly, things like rape does not matter because always happens. USA raped like 50,000 in first month of japanese occupation and no one bring it up.
Mao and Shankai shek did not complain. So it was no big deal. Similar things probably happened to thousands of towns and millions of people in china in Taiping.
Also, mao was smart so it is possible that he instigated ROC and japan by attacking both with small guerrilla and retreating.
I would not be surprised SOME isolated revenge(less than few hundred or 0) took place for Tungchow mutiny. Chinese were nasty before.
“[CHINESE]raped and brutally massacred. Female bodies were found lying on the floor with brooms inserted in their violated genitals; several severed heads of café waitresses were found lining up on a café table in a manner of atrocity exhibition; a woman had her head chopped with a machete, after which the Chinese perpetrator raped the body in a necrophilic act; the intestines was savagely taken out of the body; a child was found dead with a barbed wire nose ring pierced in the nostrils. “

I found long webpage below. It is more believable than the propaganda film.
“The So-Called Nanking Massacre was a Fabrication”
“On the day when the Japanese troops entered Nanking, more than 100 press reporters and photographers entered together with them. The press corps were not only from Japan, but also from European and American press organizations, including Reuters and AP. However, none of the press corps reported the occurrence of a massacre of 300,000 people. Paramount News (American newsreels) made films reporting the Japanese occupation in Nanking, but did not report the occurrence of a massacre. “
“The Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek, who had escaped from Nanking just before the attack by the Japanese military, broadcasted radio addresses hundreds of times to the Chinese people until the end of the Pacific War. He never mentioned the Nanking Massacre even once. This is very unnatural—if the mass slaughter really occurred. “

So conclusion I have is…..
There’s only like 50k killed at most and most were from bombs. Extent of atrocities are not certain, but not worse then chinese or what USA did in ww2 and korean war. Look at all the atrocities below.
USA Korean War “kill’em all” including children strategy.
“The War’ is the village in Okinawa where GI’s raped every woman, girl, and child—the victims were too sick and starving to even try to run from their attackers. “
Japan had to create Recreation and Amusement Association prostitution station trying to reduce rapes.
USA used similar Prostitutes_in_South_Korea_for_the_U.S._military prostitute station in South Korea.