Japan will help USA defensed the freedom, peace, and international law.  Japanese American 442nd Regiment was the most decorated in the history of American warfare.
Paid Professional Protesters should be arrested and FINED so that there will be no economic incentive to work for chinese interest.  90% of okinawans hate china.  HK/Taiwan don’t want to be part of china too.
Okinawa’s first known king Shunten (舜天, 1166-1237) was the son of Japanese royal Minamoto no Tametomo. Later on some chinese migrants were given noble rankings.
Combination of some being loyal chinese from hundreds of years ago, chinese money, atrocity/occupation by USA, professional citizens(who are probably paid by chinese communist) are main source of okinawans against USA base.
Many Japanese experts believe if Okinawa became independent, by next day it will be threatened and probably took over by China.
Okinawa is poor section of japan and it has tendency to cause trouble to gain more financial aid too.

JAPAN: low crime; hard working; high standard of life; inventive; honorable; clean; humble; low 4% unemployment; loyal; affordable medicine; educated;  Japanese care about society/community/each other/visitors/rule of law.

CHINA: oppressive communist; atrocities; steals; lies; military buildup; aggression; ignore international law; dream to dominate the world; “6 wars in 50 year”; 400,000 Chinese 50 cent cyber army;spies stole USA military/private company secrets; pollute; child labor; BRICS; AIIB; pollute;
Mao genocide 30-80 million and had many under aged girls, yet Chinese worship Mao. Manchu area became Han majority, it is happening to Tibet and Uighur. Communist atrocities/stealing land causes 180,000 riot per year.  200,000 abduction per year plus 2nd child non-citizens and 3 million labor/sex/bride slaves.  Falun Gong prisoners organ transplants.


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