Yasukuni honors those sacrificed lives for the country.  Yasukuni just have wooden name tag(spiritual power) there and not the remains. It is sort of like a heaven concept and in a way like everyone becomes angel/god collective. So removing some in christian terms it would be like telling god to destroy the heaven and make another one.
There are 39,000 taiwanese in yasukuni shrine in japan and taiwanese delegation paid respect there.
As for Tokyo Trial, it was a kangaroo court pre-determined farce and not a real court trial. MacArthur was greedy coward who lied and run away from Philippine at first sign of fighting and received $500,000. So he probably made more money from further corruption, thus emperor and family was not part. 731 were not prosecuted since USA do similar things and data was more important.
Google “real7777 yasukuni” “real7777 Atrocity USA” “real7777 apology”  “real7777 Annexation”  “real7777 comfort” or “real7777 pearl harbor” “real7777 china communist”
Samurai made up like 10% of population and for couple hundred years they were bureaucrats. Japanese have exceptional loyalty to the benefit of society though.
Japanese American 442nd Regiment was the most decorated unit for its size and length of service in the history of American warfare.
Japaneses are most polite and subtle people with safest low crime country. Korea/Taiwan/Manchu were part of Japan. Japan gave citizenship, brought DEMOCRACY, education, IMPROVED LIVES, modernized with huge investment LOSS. This was unlike white who cruelly colonized the world for hundreds of years (80% population reduction,slavery,chopping off hand for not bringing enough gold etc.)  USA, Japan, Korea China etc. used a military prostitution and had atrocities, but vilified Japan by using distorted propaganda/lies were taught about japan to world and especially with in Japan to hide white atrocity.  Mao was child molester that loved hundreds of under aged virgin girls.  Qing were manchu and after communist genocide manchu area became han majority similar to Tibet and Uighur are getting replaced by han. Mao had to kill millions of EDUCATED Manchu who got used to good life under Japan.
Japan modernized Korea with huge investments(road,dam,water,sewage,1000 schools.rail,590million plants) and provided law: brought DEMOCRACY; population 13 million to 26 million; literacy 4% to 60%; life expectancy 24 to 56; abolish slavery; reduced crime(reduced rape abduction etc too); elections; opportunity for a good jobs(doctor,dentist,governor,police etc);
In 1919 League of Nation, Japan “Racial Equality Proposal” and ends in colonialism but USA blocked it.
Even after WW2, aggressive whites try to recolonize SE Asia, but with courage gain from Japan and with help from some ex-Japanese solders whites were kicked out.
I want to spread the truth so please read my blogs and report any error so I can correct them.
google “real7777 Annexation”  “real7777 Atrocity USA””real7777 comfort” “real7777 china communist”  for details, pictures,wiki, youtube link etc.
Taiwan sent $200m for fukushima disaster(more than USA).
Google “real7777 nemoto guningtou” to find out how japanese saved ROC/Taiwan from fake oppressive communist.
Explicit “Paid Comfort Prostitute” should be used since world don’t understand Japanese subtlety. Japanese / korean / taiwan solders had to pay about 1 week worth of wage. It was normal for starving people to sell kids even in japan. Korean recruiters were used in Korea(some tricked).  In “1944 USA war report” Comfort Prostitute ate good and “were able to buy cloth, shoes, cigarettes, and cosmetics” luxury items. In 2013 diary of Korean manager in SE Asia station owned by Korean was discovered. It contain detail about HUGE bank transfer in behalf of these prostitute etc.  Some low level japanese/korean solder abducted/raped but these were CRIMES which were against Japanese policy.
Today, there are around 200,000 abduction per year in china plus 2nd child non-citizens and 3 million labor/sex/bride slaves in china and communities are ok knowing it since it was old chinese tradition.
Mao was child molester who had many under aged virgin girls. Qing were manchu and after communist genocide manchu area became han majority similar to Tibet and Uighur are getting replaced by han.  Mao had to kill millions of EDUCATED Manchu who got used to good modern life under Japan. True to chinese tradition of befriend and back stab, once Xi got some power Xi dumped ugly wife. He then married pretty PR/singer who sang for soldiers that killed student at Tiananmin massacre.
Of course S korean’s have around 100,000 foreign prostitutes even though it is rich G20 nation lol.