My goal is to spread the truth so if you find any errors let me know and I will correct it.

Japan apologized many times because today’s sentiment considers paid prostitution tragic.


Korean scholars (some whites) http://scholarsinenglish.blogspot.com/

My blogs comfort prostitute truth and korea-annexation for more details.

Explicit “Paid Comfort Prostitute” should be used since world don’t understand Japanese subtlety.

Japanese/korean/taiwan solders had to pay about 1 week worth of wage. In “1944 USA war report” Prostitute ate good and “were able to buy cloth, shoes, cigarettes, and cosmetics” luxury items.

USA, Japan, Korea China etc. used a military prostitution and had atrocities. Things got deteriorated in SE asia toward end of ww2 and some CRIMINAL low level japanese/korean solders abducted but these were still minority and probably only 1-2% and which went against Japanese policy. Similarly, during American occupation of Japan American GI raped so much that Japan had to create Recreation_and_Amusement_Association prostitution station for GI to reduce rape.

In 1965, Japan gave S Korea $500 million to help and settle which are equivalent of us$50 billion from inflation since S Korean President Park Chung-hee asked. Park Chung-hee( father of current Korean president) was born poor, but became officer in JAPANESE elite army and became South Korean leader in1961 until he was assassinated by korean in 1979. “Miracle on the Han River” economic growth came from Japanese money and sacrifice of korean prostitutes earning foreign currency from USA troop. These things were kept secret and evil connected Chaebol thieves got the credit and assets. These prostitute were the true hero of korea, not chaebol. S Korean government took foreign currency and did NOT pay these women hardly anything. What’s unbelievable is these broke korean war hero ex-prostitutes are being evicted from base town.

Japan further helped S korea in 1965,1983,1997,2006,2008 with worth hundred of billions in aid, loan, swap etc.


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