Atrocity Korea

The truth about : Economic Growth ;.Joseon(old Korea) ; Annexation ; Korean Prostitution ; Paid Comfort Prostitute ; Japan Apologized  ; Korean Atrocity ;

All war have some atrocity and most war have prostitution.
Koreans in Japanese armies were known as brute. In Korean/Vietnam war, koreans were very brutal too. Korean/USA used kill’em all including babies in Korean War and few times in Vietnam War. Koreans did Jeju massacre and Japan took in lots Jeju refugees. In Vietnam War, Koreans sometimes round up whole village including babies and gun down. When they did not kill, 200,000 rapes by Korean resulted in 20-30,000 babies. S korea have 7 times serious crime rate and 14 times rape rate compare to japan. Koreans also tend to be self centered too. Many Asian country bans marriage to koreans.
NS Korea have been at war for over 60 years and no sight in settling peacefully, in fact in 2013 armistice was canceled.

Vietnam USA kill kids my-lai
USA/S Korean used Kill’em all Including babies During Korean War and Few times In Vietnam.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission
진실 화해를 위한 과거사 정리 위원회
jeju massacre
korean war prostitution
korean prostitution
vietnam war atrocities korean
killem all korea usa

Museum of US War Crimes of course Koreans were involved too.