Lots of things in korea are unsafe.  Chaebol tyrant korean elites don’t care and often cut corners, disregard rules, disregard safety, bribe,corruption etc. and get away. “nut rage” type incidents are not isolated outside airplane. 300 people died in ship accident in 2014 due to chaebol overloading and disregarding safety over profit. 1336 people sued korean nuclear plants since it is leaky and causing cancer. Recently 3 people died in nuclear plant construction and they found lots substandard components. Chaebols use lots of cross holdings which are dangerous(hide true finances) as well as causes tax invasion.
President Park Chung-hee(father of current Korean president) was born poor, but became officer in JAPANESE elite army and became South Korean leader 1961 until he was assassinated by korean in 1979. 1965 Park Chung-hee ask japan for help.  Japan gave S Korea $500 million to help and settle which are equivalent of us$50 billion from inflation.  “Miracle on the Han River” economic growth came from Japanese money and sacrifice of korean prostitutes earning foreign currency from USA troop.  These things were kept secret and evil connected Chaebol thieves got the credit and assets.  These prostitute were the true hero of korea, not chaebol.  S Korean government took foreign currency and did NOT pay these women hardly anything.
Japan further helped S korea in 1965,1983,1997,2006,2008 with worth hundred of billions in aid, loan, swap etc.
wiki quote:”Park Chung-hee, who ruled South Korea during the 1960s and 1970s, and the father of incumbent president Park Geun-hye, encouraged the sex trade in order to generate revenue, ” “Wianbu (위안부)” “North Korean nurses captured by South Korean and US soldiers. Captured North Korean women were sometimes raped and forced to work as sex slaves”
S Korean government (controlled by chaebol to large extent) teaches hate and false history in order to divert Koreans from finding out the truth.  They should tax chaebol extra and give these women $20,000 per year.  Chaebol got arrogant instead of sharing when economy got better.  I think Korean Air nut case woman is typical though she only got in trouble because it was on board airplane in usa.  Koreans should confiscate chaebol assets and distribute to everyone. Koreans should use this to demand economic justice from chaebol who stole money earmarked for the people.


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