HellChosen/HellKorea saying is a fad in Korea.  Korean have nasty habit of function primary on hate.  NS Korea have been at war for over 60 years and no sight in settling peacefully, in fact in 2013 armistice was canceled. Politically, both north and south probably need to be at war to survive. Maybe S korea does not want peace because prostitutes will earn less foreign currency if US military in S Korea get reduced.
Koreans are racist and discriminate on basis of skin, region, job, clan, etc. S koreans are highly educated but even college graduate find job 50% of time thus 2nd highest suicide rate in world.
Lots Koreans have Hwabyeong/화병/火病/fire disease(hot temper mental disorder) which are more serious than others.  I think some of it is genetic(perhaps cause by inbreeding of bone/clan(relative) type marriages before Japan banned it), some from excessive pepper, high level of natural radiation, toxoplasmosis parasite, some from schools teaching hate and false history, some are due to bad culture since korea was tributary states and used to send decent looking virgin girls as sex slave to china/qing. Koreans in Japanese armies were known as brute.  Of course in Korean/Vietnam war, koreans were very brutal too.  S korea have 7 times serious crime rate and 14 times rape rate compare to japan. Koreans also tend to be self centered too.  Many Asian country bans marriage to koreans.
Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at Virginia Tech, shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others.
Lots of things in korea are unsafe.  Chaebol tyrant korean elites don’t care and often cut corners, disregard rules, disregard safety, bribe,corruption etc. and get away. “nut rage” type incidents are not isolated outside airplane. 300 people died in ship accident in 2014 due to chaebol overloading and disregarding safety over profit. 1336 people sued korean nuclear plants since it is leaky and causing cancer. Recently 3 people died in nuclear plant construction and they found lots substandard components.
Atrocities did happen in just about all wars. Korea was part of japan and koreans were known as brute(meaning committed most atrocities). Similarly during vietnam war, koreans roundup everyone including babies and gun down whole village at time after raping. Sometimes they did just rape(estimated over 200,000 times) and 20-33,000 kids were born. During korean war, USA and S koreans used “kill’em all” including gunning down children atrocity.
Even popular PSY rapper had “kill Yankee and kids” song.
google “real7777 apology” or “real7777 Atrocity USA” or “real7777 comfort” or “real7777 pearl harbor” “real7777 china communist”
Main thing N korea fear is china.  Only nukes will save N korea from china and exploration of off shore energy.
“Miracle on the Han River” S Korean economic growth came from Japanese money,technology transfer, and sacrifice of Korean War prostitutes earning foreign currency from USA troop .  These prostitutes were the Korean hero, not chaebol greedy elites got rich off these money. In 1965, Japan gave S Korea us$500 million(us50$billion adjusting for inflation) since S Korean President Park Chung-hee asked for help/settlement.  Park Chung-hee father of current Korean president) was born poor, but became officer in JAPANESE elite army and became South Korean leader  in1961 until he was assassinated by korean in 1979.   He managed Korean War prostitutes(yankonju) and took all foreign currency and gave prostitute very little. What’s unbelievable is these broke korean war hero ex-prostitutes are being evicted from base town.
Japan further helped S korea in 1965,1983,1997,2006,2006 with worth hundred of billions in aid, loan, swap etc.
Explicit “Paid Comfort Prostitute” should be used since world don’t understand Japanese subtlety. Japanese/korean/taiwan solders had to pay about 1 week worth of wage. In “1944 USA war report” ,prostitute ate good and “were able to buy cloth, shoes, cigarettes, and cosmetics” luxury items.
Japan apologized many times because today’s sentiment considers paid prostitution tragic.
I seriously want to spread the TRUTH, so take a look at my blogs and point out errors so that I can correct it.
google my “real7777 apology” or “real7777 Atrocity USA” or “real7777 comfort” or “real7777 pearl harbor” “real7777 china communist” for details, pictures,wiki, youtube link etc.
Korean Scholars google “scholarsinenglish blogspot jp”


One thought on “HellKorea

  1. real7777 March 19, 2016 / 11:12 pm


    GIVE IT UP JAPAN! I lived in South Korea for a year (08/30/08/2,007 – 08/30/2,008) and quickly learned that the South Koreans hate the Japanese, Chinese and US in that order! I have lived in nine countries and South Koreans are by far the most xenophobic people I have ever run into. Anti-Americanism is rampant in South Korea. I literally ran into American GI’s that asked what the heck are we doing here since the South Koreans hate us! And South Koreans don’t like South Koreans. Every province in South Korea is jealous of every other province of South Korea. The middle class hates the upper class and the working class. The upper class hates the middle class and working class. The working class hates every class including themselves. There is more bile and hatred in South Korea than any nation in the world towards themselves and everyone and trying to be conciliatory towards South Koreans is liked trying to pet scorpions. The scorpion is confused and the person who pets the scorpion is invariably bit!

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