North Korea

NS Korea have been at war for over 60 years and no sight in settling peacefully, in fact in 2013 armistice was canceled. Politically, both north and south probably need to be at war to survive.
Although N korea threatens S korea/USA/Japan, main fear is china.  It is very wise of N korea to develop nuke as a deterrent against china.  Chances are there are gas or oil in sea around N korea, so china will get aggressive try to steal it soon or later.
Kim Jung Un is pretty clever man.  He got russia to build railroad in exchange for port access.  He uses army to build roads.  He built ski resort.  He have 5000 strong cyber hackers.  He has spies in NS korea, china, japan, USA etc.  He sells hard drugs in foreign countries.  Some say he is worth few us$billion. Of course his life is always in danger so anything threat of coup or toppling is capital crime.
N korea abducted Japanese young women in 1970s. About dozen confirmed, but few hundred suspected cases.  In 2014, it seems N korea was going to investigate status but things stalled.  It seems Kim used threat of closer relationship with Japanese as leverage to gain in china and S korea relationship.  There’s possibility that china might have been involved too.  My guess is remainders were brainwashed, tortured, raped, killed, or sold to china as sex slave etc.  So no one really benefit with the truth.  Some speculate that solving abduction will give Abe popularity so china/S korea want to block this.
google “real7777 annexation”  “real7777 north”