Propaganda Summary


Whites vilified Japan to coverup/justify white colonization and atrocities with propaganda lies and exaggerations. By early 1900s telegraph/radio was available and world enters communication age where increasingly difficult to hide the truth, White cruelty colonized the world and committed CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, genocide, atrocity, torture..White EXPLOITED resources and people. Slave or slave like harsh conditions and like 80% population reduction were normal. Things like rape/chopping off hand for not bringing enough gold was normal. White committed other atrocities during and after the war too such as 4 million rape, killing surrendering solder, kill’em all including gunning down babies.etc.

Atrocities occur on all wars. But history is written by winners and white vilified Japan to coverup/justify white colonization and atrocities with propaganda lies and exaggerations. Whites were much more aggressive and even after WW2, whites tried to recolonize SE Asia but failed due to others getting courage by Japan’s fight.

USA GHQ occupiers brainwashed with “War Guilt Information Program” and spread propaganda lies and controlled media/ history/ books/ schools/ police/ etc.

After Aoyama disclosed there are huge potential for gas/oil around water off japan, China / S Korea intensified campaign of Japan bashing with lies, hate, and distortion. They do this to manipulate world opinion in dreams of winning Japanese islands of Senkaku and Takeshima in world court one day.

1919 in League of Nations, Japan “Racial Equality Proposal” and ends in colonialism but USA blocked it.

Annexation made Korea/Taiwan/Manchu part of Japan which IMPROVED LIVES with citizenship, educated, brought DEMOCRACY, modernized with huge investment LOSS(road, dam, water, sewage, 1000 schools, rail, hospital, 590 million plants) and provided law: population 13 million to 26 million; literacy 4% to 60%; life expectancy 24 to 56; abolish slavery; reduced crime(reduced rape abduction etc too); elections; opportunity for a good jobs(doctor, dentist, governor,police etc);

China try to vilify Japan with propaganda lies too.

Mao genocide 30-80 million and had many under aged girls, yet Chinese worship Mao. Manchu area became Han majority, it is happening to Tibet and Uighur.Mao had to kill EDUCATED Manchu who got used to good modern life under Japan. Chinese still worship Mao.

In Tungchow Mutiny(before Nanking), Chinese solders brutally massacred Japanese civilian; brooms in genital; severed heads of waitresses; Chinese perpetrator raped the dead; the intestines was savagely taken out of the body;

Mao, Shek, and media did not complain/report much about Nanking because it was a fabricated propaganda. Chinese Nationalist Party funded Harold John Timperley to write propaganda book “What War Means” about Nanking to vilify Japan this which used a few pictures from Tungchow Mutiny. In fact when japanese communist visited Mao, Mao told them he was thankful for weakening shek’s army.


Korea spread propaganda lies too. Paid Comfort Prostitute charged about 1 weeks of wage for solder. Some made enough for a house in 2 month.. Back then starving parents sold kids even in Japan too. Korean recruiters(some tricked) and Korean brothers were dominant in SE Asia prostitution station ownership.  Japan apologized  many times because today’s sentiment considers paid prostitution tragic.


Pearl Harblor: FDR was influenced by Communist spies and provoked Japan every which way. He even used ununiformed (terrorist) pilots known as Flying Tigers to attack Japanese military BEFORE pearl harbor. Hawaii Newspaper heading before NOV 30,1941 “JAPAN MAY STRIKE OVER WEEKEND” FDR only saved aircraft carriers and INTENTIONALLY sacrificed other ships that were 25 years old. Japan reluctantly attacked USA forces which were illegally occupying Hawaii. Hawaiian Kingdom was ILLEGALLY overthrow 1893. President Grover Cleveland considered the overthrow to have been an illegal act of war but after him USA occupied until eventually Hawaii became state in 1959.In 1919 League of Nation,


Racial Equality Proposal

In 1919 League of Nation, Japan proposed end of colonization and in 1919 put forwad “The Racial Equality Proposal” at the Paris Peace Conference and won majority of vote. “The chairman, President Wilson(USA), overturned it, saying that although the proposal had been approved by a clear majority, that in this particular matter, strong opposition had manifested itself, and that on this issue a unanimous vote would be required. “

Japan strongly believe in rule of law and this farce of someone can ignore rule and can make arbitrary ruling made Japan quit League of Nation.

United Nation was later formed by Allies and had secrity counsel with veto power. It is still somewhat lame, but at least there’s rule.

Japanese Constitution

In 1919 League of Nation, Japan “Racial Equality Proposal” and ends in colonialism but USA blocked it.

After WW2, USA violated Geneva/Hague convention and ILLEGALLY interfered with Japanese constitution which even German was NOT victim of.. Literally, even police was not allowed to carry a weapon. Also allies were made immune from prosecution and koreans were added probably to used as a henchmen. Rampant crimes occurred as well as South korea invaded Takeshima island and killed few fishermen. Because of this and Korean war/cold war interpretation became slightly loose and police were allowed to carry weapon as well as self defense force was allowed. Some estimate Allies raped 2 million rapes in Germany, 1-2 million in Japan, and France after D-day. It is easy to believe since Center for Disease Control estimates over 1.3 million rapes per year in USA today.

USA also brainwashed Japan and controlled media, education and false propaganda that vilified japan. Even after the occupation, it remained and Japan had somewhat anti-japan media/education system which are influenced by china/korean spies. Because of this most Japanese naively believe that not having military makes things safe and don’t see imminent danger from china’s aggression.

War Guilt Information Program

War Guilt Information Program” spread propaganda and controlled media/ history/ books/ schools/ police/ etc. Media control was similar to communist media control of China today. History is written by the winners and false/biased history was taught in Japan and Korea to make it easier for USA to control using divide and conquer strategy. Only propaganda were published. Even professors were removed from colleges and replace with those willing to side with the propaganda. Even today, influences remain and Japanese medias are anti-Japan to large extent.  It become convenient tool for propaganda machines such as Chinese “50 cents army”, Korean VANK, USA(too big/smart to have a name?) etc.

When Japan try to change the distorted history from text, Korea and China complain as well as west seems to think it is right wing revision.

USA planned to fight japan but did not have public support so it provoked Japan every which way. Japan reluctantly attacked USA which was occupying Hawaii.

  • . USA financed, trained, and supplied china.
  • . USA flying tigers with 100 fighters.
  • . USA plan to use 100 bombers with Chinese uniform, last moment bombers were diverted to England.
  • . Blockade, sanctions, and freezing of assets.
  • . USA created and adjusted orange and rainbow plan to fight japan.
  • . Hull note demanding immediate withdraw from everything(written by Soviet spy)

New book just published “Operation White” reviles other Soviet spy wanted USA to attack japan too.

People should learn real history and gain fairly balanced perception based on what all countries did. Ignoring(or ignorant of) own country or race and judging other is a form of racism. USA, Japan, Korea,etc had a military prostitution and atrocities.

Atrocity by USA

  • . USA raped 50,000 just in first month occupying japan;
  • . village in Okinawa where USA GI’s raped every woman, girl, and child;
  •   Some estimate Allies raped 2 million rapes in Germany, 1-2 million in Japan, and France after D-day.  It is easy to believe since Center for Disease Control estimates over 1.3 million rapes per year in USA today.
  • . WW2 USA indiscriminate bombing probably killed 100,000 Filipinos just in Manila
  • . USA used women and children as guerrilla yet propaganda only state Japanese killed civilians;
  • . USA killed Japanese solders after they surrender;
  • . Racist USA solders often took Japanese skull as a souvenir, 60% were missing in some area;
  • . In Korean War, USA “kill’em all” including kids;

Human experiment by USA

Allies(and Koreans) were given immunity from a Japanese law. Lawlessness occurred (worse than Mexican gang situation today.) Due to immunity, organized Koreans killed, raped, looted, and even raided police station. Part of reason Japanese yakuza still have power is due to fact Japanese yakuza fought these Korean criminals thus became hero to some towns. This was part of reason police were lenient toward yakuza for long period.

USA solders had virtual immunity from prosecution in Korea until relatively recently too. This is part of reason why Korean PSY rapper had one of lyric “kill yankee and their family”

MacArthur was racist like most whites back then but even he realized the truth.