72kya(1k year ago) Toba volcano wiped all humanoid near the equator, some northern neanderthal etc. survived as well as human in africa
60kya Respread from africa and mixed with neanderthal
23kya Glacialmaximum with China/Taiwan/Japan connected
20kya Pottery was invented by hmong/miao type in east china.  Generally I think they were same as Taiwan aboriginie, philipino, indonesian …. and Japanese POTTERY Jomon(I will claim Jomon was many combo.)

Taiwanese aborigine

15kya-7kya Natural Global Warming causes 120m(400feet) sea level rise.  Ideal location to live is near sea level so lots mitration took place from Taiwan strait area to polynesia and americas. They had premitive reed boat and wooded canoe
6kya Kikai Caldira eruption causes southern japan/korea to become unlivable and migration out
Taiwan was poor and like Philipines/Indonesia island for long time
Some chinese merchant type came as well as some white and Taiwan was part of Qing
1895 Japan won shino-japanese war and annexed Taiwan there was some independent resistance
Japaneses are most polite and subtle people with safest low crime country. Korea/Taiwan/Manchu were part of Japan. Japan gave citizenship, brought DEMOCRACY, education, dam, IMPROVED LIVES, modernized with huge investment LOSS.  Hatta Yoichi made dam and treated locals well and Taiwan have Memorial Park.

They recently discovered that, Japanese Nemoto Hiroshi was key in battle of guningtou that saved ROC/Taiwan from fake oppressive communist. Shankaishek gave vase to him, Queen of England, and Japanese Emperor.
Taiwanese have saying “dog left and pig came” Japan made them get education and follow rule of law. Japan probably left about currently worth us$1 trillion  of property for Taiwanese. However, uneducated corrupt ROC came and stole most for personal gain.
Taiwan gave $200m in fukushima disaster. Taiwan and Japan have good friendly relationship.
Taiwan independence is nearly impossible until fake oppressive chinese communists is toppled. When that happens it is best that mainland get democratic government modeled after Taiwan or Japan anyway, so minds well consider unite china under Taiwan lol.
China is aggressive after military buildup and money.  Free world made a mistake dumping Taiwan and trading with fake oppressive communist that violate human right, genocide, torture, espionage, spies, counterfeit, steals patents, not democracy, pollute, endangers species, corrupt, lies, military/spy buildup, they are threat, invaded, etc.  1000 year China dream to dominate the world. According to OFFICIAL Chinese media(repeated in Wenweipo/chinanews中國未來50年裡必打的六場戰爭), China have “6 wars in 50 year” plan: Taiwan,Spratly Islands,Southern Tibet, Senkaku/Okinawa,Outer Mongolia,Russia. China money is buying influence. Chinese uses dirty ancient strategy of befriend and back stab plus salami/cabbage tactic(little by little tactic.) Chinese/Korean tactic of “Tell lies 100 times and become the truth.”  TPP gives globalist too much power but it is needed for China containment.





2 thoughts on “Taiwan

  1. real7777 January 18, 2016 / 1:51 am

    Taiwan belonged to Japan from 1895 to 1945. In 1927, many anti-Japan activists were arrested. Some Japanese lawyers came voluntarily to help them in the court. Among the accused the heaviest punishment was 4 years in prison.

    Taiwan was handed by Allied Power to the Republic of China (ROC) for administration. The ROC has no sovereignty over Taiwan. In 1950, many anti-ROC activists were arrested. There is no Chinese lawyer who could extend their hands to help. Many of them were killed following about a 6-month jail term. Many families are still crying for their victims today.

  2. real7777 March 12, 2016 / 1:23 am

    Pie 15 hours ago

    I visited Taiwan in 1950s and was told some stories during my trips at that time. In 1940s, Chinese refugees went to Taiwan killed around 10,000 Formosan intellectuals and elites who educated in Japanese Educational system (Japan is the first industrial country in Eastern hemisphere). After the massacre, Chinese refugees ruled Formosan in an extremely harsh way while enjoyed all the political power, money, education, and resources. At that time the average income of Chinese refugees is about 6 times (600 %) higher than average Formosan farmers and workers who were actually enslaved.

    In addition to their 6 times higher regular salary, Chinese refugees who mostly occupied government and military positions applied all kind of fabricated/fake receipts to get funds for their personal wealth from government/military expenditure (at that time nearly 20% government expenditure were for military, compared around 5% of government expenditure was designated to educational budget). Including the money from their fabricated/fake receipts, average income of Chinese refugees is about 20 times (2000 %) higher than average Formosan farmers and workers. This the largest race/ethnicity based income inequality in the human history resulted by ruling of military power. The inequality of income level and educational opportunity of Formosan at that time was much worse than now Yazidis of Syria for example.

    Chinese refugees controlled the subjects of college entrance exams including Chinese language and political thought which were not favorable to Formosan. Formosan can only speak Taiwanese, Japanese, English and Deutsche (impacted by Japan) at that time. At the beginning Formosan were not used to praise the Chinese militant Chiang and ruling political party in the political thought subject (On the other hand, children of Chinese refugees praised dictators and ruling political party for their personal gain, power, money, and education opportunity). Influenced by Japan, without praising militants and ruling political party in the required political thought subject, Formosan failed in the college entrance exam in 1950s.

    I hope historians can help to document the fact and for oral history purposes. I talked to several young guys in 1950s. One of young Formosan was the first place in his high school, he planned to study at Tokyo University. The other also at top rank at his high school, based on their ranking at that time, he should be able to study at Kyoto University. Then Chinese came, they all failed to pass the college examination set up by the Chinese, simply because at that time they did not know how to praise the militant Chiang in the required political thought subject.

    Another guy told me he planned to study Waseda University at Shinjuku, but unfortunately Chinese refugees came, they took over his educational opportunity

    In order to validate the truth and balance the opinion, I talked to people from both sides of the aisles. None of Chinese refugees thought they will fight back to China or really believed the ruling political party or attracted by ideology. They purely want to milk the system and enslave Formosan for their personal gain in order to honor their father and ancestors.

    Formosans who have praised and affiliated with ruling political party starting since late 1950s and like most of Chinese refugees, they became now scientists, engineers, doctors, intellectual, entrepreneur, business owner, wealthy and high achievers in the society, or most people with money and power,,,,,or emigrated to USA while people who refused to praise and to associated with ruling political party became poor farmers and workers and their daughters become prostitutes in the cities.

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