sociopath dotard Trump

Trump don’t feel the pain of others. He cutoff hot water to get rent controlled tenants out.  22 million might lose insurance.  He is using North Korea and Knee to distract Russian investigation as well as getting narcissistic attention he want.

Geedy sociopath dotard tramp cutoff hot water to get rent control tenant out. Anti-American takes away “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” from people.  Food; shelter; education; medicine; fair opportunity/wage/price;freedom speech/peaceful protest etc. are universal human rights.
Con artist lies “America First” but he only care about himself and perhaps family. Ivanka sells foreign made goods. Grope/sexually harassed in past. He don’t care about wife and cheats. Narcissist publicity stunt but don’t actually care about suffering of people. He cared about RATING more than people in hurricane. On Tiananmn massacre “strong government put down riot”. In 911 interview, he talked about 2nd tallest building become first than people. Ruthless incompetent reckless tramp weakened USA and can’t even freeze kim’s foreign assets.
Liar often publicly promise to donate but don’t actually deliver.
Tramp and croonie have ties with russia: bank; tower; clinton hack; vote hack/manipulation; facebook; perhaps money laundry; etc. Lots conflict of interest and ethic violation.
Trampede:lots croonies leaving since hyper critical of others while frequently make mistakes and flip-flop. Presidents should consult expert first and say things and not tweet. Bullies and power trip. Narcissist keep on saying things that make the news probably both for attention and distraction to russian investigation. Mueller might be faking investigation to satisfy public but have little or no intention of prosecuting.
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Democracy in USA was lost when PAC/globalist money feeds both parties. People are conned into Democrat/Republican bandwagon while getting ruled by divide and conquer technique. 2016 had bad choices sociopath clinton and tramp.
Ultra rich globalist don’t pay fair tax due to unrealized gain and tax shelter. World need to tax assets 1-2% just like real estate tax.
Solution to most of the problems in world is birth control but greedy globalist and religion does not want reduced money base. Sumer cradle of civilization was origin of all major religions and empire structures. Greedy elite made up stories/lies to unite and take advantage of people.
Whites trivializes genocide, atrocity, torture, rape, slavery, colonizing, killing 100 million. No remorse and nerve to call displaced Natives(including mexicans) who have innate rights, illegals. Even after WW2 whites tried to recolonize but failed.