VW fraud

VW/Audi/Porsche are responsible for damages to environment, buyer, and competition since fraud caused lost of customers for others. Other car makers probably have some skeleton in closet too so probably not going to sue VW until some car maker throw first stone and whole industry will jump on bandwagon. Pollution causes millions of death so VW’s extra pollution will probably cause around 1000 death.
It is too expensive and unrealistic to meet future regulations, easiest is stop using diesel in the cities especially in small cars.  Even now, some estimate 40% reduction in MPG.
VW caused damages to prius sales and suzuki partnership due to fraud device too.  Toyota complained to EU 10 years ago but ignored. Suzuki partnered with VW mainly for diesel engine, but VW’s fraud made partnership useless. Irony is right before scadle greedy thug VW sued suzuki for not using VW technology. Suzuki will have easy time winning the suit and suzuki should counter suit.  This means VW must return all financial gain from partnership PLUS punitive damage if suzuki sues.
Suzuki have 4 passenger gas car that is 87mpg for $8000 in Japan.  For environment, USA should allow 80mpg and above mileage car with less safety standard since they are much safer than a motorcycle.  Things like painted yellow/orange and additional education etc.

Global Warming