Abenomics Ise


Japan gained us$1 trillion from us$3 trillion foreign investment when yen went back to 120yen/$1 from hyper high.  Japan is in envious position: good quality of life; low crime; 3% unemployment; huge increase in export/stock market/tourism; Wages are only up little, but soon will be huge wage inflation.  Abe gave $250 to 10 million poor retirees who will not benefit from wage inflation. Very good economic stimulus too.  Japanese is green, frugal, and uses low energy. VW fraud no longer reduces Japanese car sales. Trade surplus October. Safer nuclear reactors are starting to come back on, each one make about $1 billion per year. Japan can sell military equipment now.  Japans’ debts are savings and only 9% foreign.  Low gdp/inflation/import due to 50% drop in oil is good especially considering china shock(chinese import dropping 19%,stock drop etc.)
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Obama was scapegoat but saved the world from great depression. 2013 baton was passed to Abe. World need strong dollar so that conned-sumer spending will increase and economies will not be so weak.  Ise shrine is in 20 year prosper cycle since 2013. It is either 1000 years of manipulation or self fulfilling prophecy.

Japan also have huge CURRENT, include us$1 trillion of UNREALIZED gain just from currency exchange which are NOT counted. It is like unrealized stock gains which are NOT reported as income. Japan has us$3t foreign investment @ 80yen/$ is 240t yen, @ 120yen/$ is 360t yen. So Japan have 120 trillion yen(us$1 trillion) unrealized gain just from exchange…. In other words, us$1trillion unrealized gain. Private companies have additional us$2t cash. Japan was only country that could afford to shutdown all nuclear plats at $33 billion cost per year.
Japan’s Kuroda bazooka PRINTS money. Japan’s debt are savings etc. and only 9% are foreign. Japan can keep on printing more money until world recovers. Private Federal Reserve Bank profiteer from the deficit. Bank of Japan is also private, but stocks are publicly traded(hopefully not profiteering from deficit size).
World should PRINT money around additional 5% of GDP a year without adding to debt so that no interest owed.
Aging population create elderly care jobs and not much of problem since they will be DEAD in 10-30 years and inheritance will be taxed. Soon there will be huge wage inflation and baby boom since younger people can afford to get married and have kids. 65% of women work with 82% glad to be living in Japan. To help with population, perhaps $1000 tax credit for each child. One major problem is urbanization and rural area are not filled by young people much. Elderly should do some light work. Large companies should provide child care as well as opportunity for parents to do childcare few hours a week to pass on good Japanese culture.
Sales tax hike to 10% is good. It is harder for criminals(especially yakuza, koreans etc) and tax evaders to avoid. To neutralize to poor/average, $100-200 refund should be given.
G7 and other peaceful nations should celebrate that Japan is finally able to participate in UN operations as well as help provide radar and defend USA and other troops under attack by mutual aggressive enemy such as China and Russia. USA probably demanded before it send newest aircraft carrier.
Security Treaties 1951-9 between USA and Japan. Japan PAYS for USA presence FULLY plus some garbage pork like F35 to reduce deficit. Senkaku/okinawa is very critical part of china containment too. This is good deal for USA and great deal for Japan. Rest of USA military will join in case of war.
Samurai made up like 10% of population and for couple hundred years they were bureaucrats. Japanese have exceptional loyalty to the benefit of society though. Japanese American 442nd Regiment was the most decorated unit for its size and length of service in the history of American warfare.
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Taiwan sent $200m for fukushima disaster.
Japan should require light National Guard/Reserve type training for young government workers/firemen/police etc. This provide defense, exercise, rescue training, etc.