Atrocity USA

West colonized Africa, Asia, and Americas. USA, Japan, Korea, China, etc. have military prostitution and atrocities. Histories are written by the winners. People should learn real history and gain fairly balanced perception based on what all countries did. Ignoring(or ignorant of) own country or race and judging other is a form of racism. USA GHQ occupation forced pacifist constitution and propaganda to Japan by controlling media/ history/ books/ schools/ police. Nothing negative about others were to be taught or reported. Even today, remnant of these things causes Japan’s media to have some anti-japan sentiment. Media control was similar to communist media control of China today. It become convenient tool for propaganda machines such as Chinese “50 cents army”, Korean VANK, USA(too big/smart to have a name?) etc.

  • . USA raped 50,000 just in first month occupying japan;
  • . village in Okinawa where USA GI’s raped every woman, girl, and child;
  • . WW2 USA indiscriminate bombing probably killed 100,000 Filipinos just in Manila
  • . USA used women and children as guerrilla yet propaganda only state Japanese killed civilians;
  • . USA killed Japanese solders after they surrender;
  • . Racist USA solders often took Japanese skull as a souvenir, 60% were missing in some area;
  • . In Korean War, USA “kill’em all” including kids;
  • . Human experiments by USA
Vietnam USA kill kids my-lai
USA/S Korean used Kill’em all Including babies During Korean War and Few times In Vietnam.

At League of Nations, Japan proposed end of colonization and in 1919 “The Racial Equality Proposal was a proposal put forward at the Paris Peace Conference“ “The chairman, President Wilson(USA), overturned it, saying that although the proposal had been approved by a clear majority, that in this particular matter, strong opposition had manifested itself, and that on this issue a unanimous vote would be required. “ USA planned to fight japan but did not have public support so it provoked japan every which way. Japan reluctantly attacked USA which was occupying Hawaii.

  • . USA financed, trained, and supplied china.
  • . USA flying tigers with 100 fighters.
  • . USA plan to use 100 bombers with Chinese uniform, last moment bombers were diverted to England.
  • . Blockade, sanctions, and freezing of assets.
  • . USA created and adjusted orange and rainbow plan to fight japan.
  • . Hull note demanding immediate withdraw from everything(written by Soviet spy).

MacArthur was racist like most whites back then but even he realized the truth. Annexations(not like west colony) help modernize Korea with huge investments. Korea: Literacy 4% to 60%; life expectancy 24 to 56; abolish slavery; pay $40 to $80; opportunity to be(doctor,dentist etc);population 13million to 26 million;

Museum of US War Crimes Poor starving people sold kids in Japan and Asia. Even TODAY “Korean Feminist Association alleged that from 514,000 to 1.2 million Korean women.” forced by debt and Korean traffickers.

. Koreans raped 200,000 women 20,000 child were born

. Koreans abducted and made sex slave etc.

. Koreans killed civilians including children/women

Lessor known atrocities by China.

Chinese attacked Japanese civilians, “the majority of women were raped and brutally massacred. Female bodies were found lying on the floor with brooms inserted in their violated genitals; several severed heads of café waitresses were found lining up on a café table in a manner of atrocity exhibition; a woman had her head chopped with a machete, after which the Chinese perpetrator raped the body in a necrophilic act; the intestines was savagely taken out of the body; a child was found dead with a barbed wire nose ring pierced in the nostrils. “

Qing kills chinese christians whole town at time 1000s of times, 20 million killed

Mao kills 30million?

Mao had lots virgin girls

Chinese torture execution

Atomic bombings were unnecessary atrocities. It was not used in Germany and they surrendered. By the the time Okinawa fall, Japan had no ally, iron, oil, ships, food, etc. Japan tried to surrender but USA use excuse about emperor(who USA did not even prosecute) and did human experiments with two different type of atomic bombs. After the surrender, doctors were sent but freedom of information act reveals that doctors were specifically told to observe but do NOT treat victims. Of course USA experimented in their own GI in first place so just evil leadership. Sumer cradle of civilization was origin the empire structure and formal massively structured religion. Formula was elite using a story(lie) to gain from others. Structure was copied over and over again with various changes over time and location similar to how language or culture changes. Rich make unfair law that benefit the rich, and top 1% even more. In 3rd world, millions of people starve to death because they are not allowed to migrate and live. King=Kang = Kangar= Kagan= khazar= Khan etc. Religion is a story of gods which enable priest to collect money.

  • 1) Gaia = mother nature = tree of life = Asherah Pole= h-ashira(御柱 onbashira)= cross = christmas tree = sirius star = various goddess(ishtar, innana, isis, venus, demeter, amaterasu天照大神,mari,mary etc) = jesus
  • 2) 毘沙門天(bishamonten)= 狛犬(komainu)=獅子 lion/dragon/unicorn= Vaisravana= sphinx= lamassu= cupid=cherubs angel guarding eden
  • 3) War god of moses= yahwah= yaw= yam= ea= enki= poseidon=須佐之男susanowo etc. and ya… in japan=yama mountain god= Yahoo(hello god)= YAAH!!(attack in name of god)= elohim = allah
  • 4) Baal = Minotaur = Chi_You蚩尤 =yama or enmadaio閻魔大王=tengri=tengu

More links

Part 3 of 3 part video(sarcastic tile) about graph of pay,jobs, etc

USA Korean War “kill’em all” including children strategy.

The War’ is the village in Okinawa where GI’s raped every woman, girl, and child—the victims were too sick and starving to even try to run from their attackers. “

Japan had to create Recreation and Amusement Association prostitution station trying to reduce rapes.

USA used similar Prostitutes_in_South_Korea_for_the_U.S._military prostitute station in South Korea.





  • . China organ harvest
  • . China has like 200,000 abduction per year
  • . USA assassinate hundreds of terrorist using drone and lots collateral damage(children etc. killed)
  • . USA have 1 million rapes per year
  • . Humane society kills millions of pets per year due to irresponsible animal lovers
  • . Korea have hundreds of expensive restaurant that serve dogs
  • . Korea have 1 million prostitute

Millions of people starve to death because they are not allowed to migrate and live. They die because people do not want their standard of living to go down. People need to acknowledge this and realize it is same as watching them being sent to a concentration camp. To me, ignoring this and making a big deal about animal or few death is silly.


3 thoughts on “Atrocity USA

  1. Justi' January 21, 2014 / 8:10 am

    How can people forgive something like this? I’m literally sickened by this. US soldiers should have all been killed when they got back, sick mother f***ers. Not just that– everything -_-. As an American, how am I ever going to look at a Japanese or Korean person knowing what Americans did to their ancestors or even living family members? Honestly, that’s why I have nothing to do with American men, my father abandoned me and my brothers dad beat me and my family half to death. All my friends fathers have all beat them or raped them, maybe it’s the just the world I live in that see’s this. Oh, I don’t know if you know but I heard that president Roosevelt and Churchill(or however you spell it) knew that Japan was going to bomb pearl harbor and did nothing, they wanted war. Not to mention, I heard the guy who found the Titanic found a Japanese submarine at pearl harbor and said American soldiers shot it down, meaning the first shots fired at pearl harbor were by the Americans not the Japanese- which would mean that anything the Japanese did after could be considered self defense. If anyone should have gotten hit with an atomic bomb it should have been Roosevelt. The atomic bomb was cruel and in the US taking Japanese Americans and putting them in concentration camps was uncalled for, I didn’t see them doing that to those Middle Easterns we were at war with. Also, the war is supposedly over but why are Americans still there? They are just going around doing damage, killing, and thinking they are better than everyone there. Sorry for talking nonsense! ❤

    • real7777 January 21, 2014 / 10:16 am

      Back then things were bad and but unfortunately propaganda made most people don’t know. Things bother me is fabricated exaggeration about nanking/comfort women come out from china, korea etc. without fair comparison.
      To me who shoot first does not matter other than people believe that is start. It is like usa invaded iraq even and there’s no clear link with 911 since they were saudi. I intentionally left out actual knowledge of Pearl Harbot by Roosevelt since he wanted to get attacked somewhere. It is considered conspiracy theory where I present proven facts mostly.
      As for concentration camp of USA citizen of Japanese ethnicity, it was part to steal wealth back. If it was not for that, japanese would have owned most of usa farm land. Also I just found out that japanese were super industrious twice, so even before ww2 japan had huge trade surplus so japan would have surpassed usa without war to contain it.
      According to Center for Disease control, USA have over 1 million rapes per year.
      Even with all these evil, USA is still best country to be in lol.

  2. Justi' January 22, 2014 / 6:46 am

    ^O^ Thanks for replying! You are very knowledgeable and make very clear points.

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