Yasukuni just have wooden name tag(spiritual power) there and not the remains. It is sort of like a heaven concept and in a way like everyone becomes angel/god collective. So removing some in christian terms it would be like telling god to destroy the heaven and make another one.

As for Tokyo Trial, it was a kangaroo court pre-determined farce and not a real court trial. MacArthur was greedy coward who lied and run away from Philippine at first sign of fighting and received $500,000. So he probably made more money from further corruption, thus emperor and family was not part. 731 atrocities were not prosecuted since USA do similar things.

Pearl Harbor Truth    Atrocity

FDR was fooled by comintel and  provoked Japan every which way and saved aircraft carriers and INTENTIONALLY sacrificed 25 year old ships.

Hawaii Newspaper heading before NOV 30,1941 “JAPAN MAY STRIKE OVER WEEKEND”

In 1919 League of Nation, Japan “Racial Equality Proposal” and ends in colonialism but USA blocked it.
Even after WW2, aggressive whites try to recolonize SE Asia, but with courage gain from Japan and with help from some ex-Japanese solders whites were kicked out.
Google “real7777 yasukuni” “real7777 Atrocity USA” “real7777 Annexation” “real7777 china communist”
Samurai made up like 10% of population and for couple hundred years they were bureaucrats. Japanese have exceptional loyalty to the benefit of society though.
Japanese American 442nd Regiment was the most decorated unit for its size and length of service in the history of American warfare.

Racist west colonized Africa, Asia, and Americas. http://wp.me/P43M0E-2H USA, Japan, Korea,etc had a military prostitution and atrocities. Histories are written by the winners. People should learn real history and gain fairly balanced perception based on what all countries did. Ignoring(or ignorant of) own country or race and judging other is a form of racism.

  • . USA raped 50,000 just in first month occupying japan;
  • . village in Okinawa where USA GI’s raped every woman, girl, and child;
  • . WW2 USA indiscriminate bombing probably killed 100,000 Filipinos just in Manila
  • . USA used women and children as guerrilla yet propaganda only state Japanese killed civilians;
  • . USA killed Japanese solders after they surrender;
  • . Racist USA solders often took Japanese skull as a souvenir, 60% were missing in some area;
  • . In Korean War, USA “kill’em all” including kids;

https://real7777.wordpress.com/war/pearl-harbor-truth USA planned to fight japan but did not have public support so it provoked japan every which way. Japan reluctantly attacked USA which was occupying Hawaii.

  • . USA financed, trained, and supplied china.
  • . USA flying tigers with 100 fighters.
  • . USA plan to use 100 bombers with Chinese uniform, last moment bombers were diverted to England.
  • . Blockade, sanctions, and freezing of assets.
  • . USA created and adjusted orange and rainbow plan to fight japan.
  • . Hull note demanding immediate withdraw from everything(written by Soviet spy)

https://real7777.wordpress.com/war/korea-annexation Annexations(not like west colony) help modernize Korea with huge investments. Korea: Literacy 4% to 60%; life expectancy 24 to 56; abolish slavery; pay $40 to $80; opportunity to be(doctor,dentist etc);population 13million to 26 million;

https://real7777.wordpress.com/war/comfort-women Poor starving people sold kids in Japan and Asia. Even TODAY “Korean Feminist Association alleged that from 514,000 to 1.2 million Korean women.” forced by debt and Korean traffickers.


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