The truth about : Economic Growth ;.Joseon(old Korea) ; Annexation ; Korean Prostitution ; Paid Comfort Prostitute ; Japan Apologized  ; Korean Atrocity ;

Joseon(old korea) was nasty place worse than N Korea and more like gang ran city in Mexico with life expectancy of 24 and 40% slavery. Baekjeong (백정) basically 1400 years of slavery after baekje lost against tang. Kisaeng기생 were the entertainer sex slave and kids inherit the position.  Joseon sent castrated eunuch and young virgin girls as tributary gift to qing/china.

Annexation made Korea/Taiwan/Manchu part of Japan which IMPROVED LIVES with citizenship, educated, brought DEMOCRACY, modernized with huge investment LOSS(road, dam, water, sewage, 1000 schools, rail, hospital, 590 million plants) and provided law: population 13 million to 26 million; literacy 4% to 60%; life expectancy 24 to 56; abolish slavery; reduced crime(reduced rape abduction etc too); elections; opportunity for a good jobs(doctor, dentist, governor,police etc);

Paid Comfort Prostitute charged about 1 weeks of wage for solder. Some made enough for a house in 2 month.. Back then starving parents sold kids even in Japan too. Korean recruiters(some tricked) and Korean brothers were dominant in SE Asia prostitution station ownership.  Japan apologized  many times because today’s sentiment considers paid prostitution tragic.

Korean Professor Park Yuha  Comfort prostitute Nanumu retirement home resident Bae Chun-hee was sold by father but get coached by Chong Dae Hyup and gives false testimonies [to keep over ten times normal korean retirement benefit.]

Korea always had prostitution and brutality before;during annexation;korean war;vietnam;after;now; Korea made prostitution illegal only in 2004 and hundred of prostitute demonstrates. Just about all of Korean massage parlor, hostess bar, karaoke have prostitution. They estimate around 100,000 international Korean prostitute, 50,000 korean prostitute in Japan. Korea is rich now but number one in prostitution export business, imagine when it was very poor 3rd word country.

Lots Koreans have Hwabyeong/화병/火病/fire disease(hot temper mental disorder.)  Today,  S korea have 7 times serious crime rate and 14 times rape rate of japan.

USA, Japan, Korea, China etc. used a military prostitution and had atrocities.

Chuno Slave Hunter Korean Historical Fiction Drams. You can see some truth in poor/harshness of Joseon(old korea) and back stab lol.

“Miracle on the Han River” S Korean economic growth came from Japanese money,technology transfer, and sacrifice of Korean War prostitutes earning foreign currency from USA troop .  These prostitutes were the Korean hero, not chaebol greedy elites got rich off these money. In 1965, Japan gave S Korea us$500 million(us50$billion adjusting for inflation) since S Korean President Park Chung-hee asked for help/settlement.  Park Chung-hee father of current Korean president) was born poor, but became officer in JAPANESE elite army and became South Korean leader  in1961 until he was assassinated by korean in 1979.   He managed Korean War prostitutes(yankonju) and took all foreign currency and gave prostitute very little. What’s unbelievable is these broke korean war hero ex-prostitutes are being evicted from base town.

korea before after


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