Solution is to send refugee back to Syria and force rebels to make peace with Assad then draft/train to fight ISIS. Make them defend themselves. Bombing ISIS and not expecting retaliation is stupid.  World should get serious and use FULL military plus cut off oil money.  Arab spring made things 10 times worse.

Putin is smart man.  I think he intentionally let fighters cross the boarder few times.  Perhaps through intelligence he knew next one will be attacked.  I guess it is possible this time plane did not cross, but really don’t matter though.
Putin now have excuse to sanction Turkey AND save foreign currency since less tourism.
One thing very suspicious about ISIL was fact that it had oil money.  USA have satellite technology to read letter on dime coin probably since 80s.   How hard it is to see where oil truck went all these time and where gas from refineries went?  Some went to syria rebel…. where rest go?
Originally I had minor suspicion that it was form to allow radical islamist to join so USA can identify and let them be killed instead of boston like terrorism…..
Only after russia bombed trucks, others attacked….
So it was also used to fight Assad.j
This is very serious if USA was indirectly funding them through rebels.Us
I think USA did make mistake again.  USA trained taliban to fight Soviet.  USA trained saddam to assassinate previous leader.  This time USA is involved with ISIL…. either to gather up extremists or fight Assad.  Either way somewhat backfired with mass attack on France.
google “real7777 ISIL” “real7777 religion” “real7777 sumer” “real7777 ww3” “real7777 propaganda”
Bush lied and attacked Iraq. Rich Iraq and USA got poor while globalist owned chinese oil companies profiteered from Iraqi $10/barrel, Iran sanction, probably ISIL oil. Israel’s 77% of oil come from Iraq.