Manned space program and searching for aliens are total waste.
By 2025 there will be computer smart as humans(singularity) and within few decades, smartphone size.  Computers can be made from just about any material including carbon(graphine).  In 100 years, probably trillions of smarter than human computer who will design better ones lol.  Similar things should happen in other part of universe.  So, if some smart computer being that can invent smarter computer being, why would they bother with humans lol.
Within 10-20 years, we all want to be a cyborg too.  Simple microchip will eliminate wallet, watch, credit card, smart phone, etc.
By Tokyo Olympic in 2020, there will be self driving cars on road.  Liability awards make it impractical in USA for a while.

Computer will be made smart as human by 2025(singularity). So if there are smarter race than humans, they will have made computer that are way way smarter than human probably in size of a stamp. And few hundred years after that mass of planets will be trillions of way way smarter than human computers. They will convert any matter into computer so there is absolutely no point for them to go after anything except closest solar system at time.  In other words, humans would be only be interesting like an ants to us.
On earth, ultra smart computer will realize evil connected people have undeserving share of wealth so it will work toward elimination, probably in the form of natural death with huge inheritance tax.  As for poor/average, benefit in exchange for birth control.  Humans probably don’t have any jobs except for some live entertainment.


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