Shock and Revolution

CHINA SHOCK:  China/companies LIES about 7% GDP while China shock(export are down 8% import dropping 19%,stock drop etc.) Shanghai Index is ponzi pyramid bubble with fundamentally value below 1500.  Housing bubble and ghost cities Pollution and water shortage. Communist atrocities/stealing land causes 180,000 riot per year.
CHINA REVOLUTION: communist/rich will be toppled by 1.3 billion oppressed and asset redistributed. Communist should be sent to labor camp, but lots will be target of revenge by 殺千刀(death by 1000 torture cuts.)
Globalist and fake oppressive communist colluded in 1972 and dumped Taiwan. Profiteering from $0.10/hr wage.  Bush lied and attacked Iraq. Rich Iraq and USA got poor while globalist owned chinese oil companies profiteered from Iraqi $10/barrel, Iran sanction, probably ISIL oil. Israel’s 77% of oil come from Iraq.
Mao genocide 30-80 million and had many under aged virgin girls, yet Chinese worship Mao. Manchu area became Han majority, it is happening to Tibet and Uighur. 200,000 abduction per year plus 2nd child non-citizens and 3 million labor/sex/bride slaves.  Falun Gong prisoners organ transplants.
China ignores international law and aggressively building artificial island military base in SE China Sea.  CHINA: oppressive communist; atrocities; steals; lies; military buildup; aggression; ignore international law; dream to dominate the world; “6 wars in 50 year”; 400,000 Chinese 50 cent cyber army;cyber war;spies stole USA military/private company secrets; pollute; child labor; BRICS; AIIB; currency war; pollute; china money buys influence; builds ports around world