Japan Synergy Defense

I think it is great to raise sales tax so that rich and tourists are taxed.
Other thing japan should do is learn from north korea and increase defense force and let them rotate and help rural farmers, elderly care, minor rural repair, child care etc. Let defense force increase 10% per year and let defense force spend 20-60% of time on civilian type labor. Perhaps even train and use them as civilian security force during olympics.
These type thing will be great synergy that increase force plus provide labor to needed area due to population aging/decreasing. Women can get much more involved as defense force that also does child care services to population and military.
This synergy help a lot; Distribution of more young to rural; Help aging farmers and population; Help women with child care; Help create rural jobs. Help population increase by providing healthy rural military couple both earning; clinic; disaster preparedness; rescue; firefighting
Staff them in rural clinic too since medical is needed during conflict plus disaster relief preparedness.


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